Package delivery times (2021 May-July)


anyone else having issues receiving their online orders?

I am still waiting for an order which was apparently sent out on 5/19 - and tracking state unchanged since then.

I have seen in What's the difference between 24h pchome and mall pchome? - #12 by slawa that some retailers apparently limit delivery for some areas - but I don’t live in any of those.

Thought I can start this thread to see if anyone else is affected.


We are also not receiving orders in Nantou.
Status stuck on ‘processing order’.

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Only Pchome? My order was with Shopee

My wife buys on Shopee. I will ask her.

Tangentially relevant I suppose. New rule announced for couriers, you have to go downstairs to get it now. :facepunch:

For PCHome24 the 24h delivery is suspended. (It’s like Amazon, stock is centralized). I’ve got orders that have been waiting for over 7 days.
got this message:
目前為訂單繁盛期,PChome 24h購物訂單即刻起不適用24小時到貨規則,我們已全力投入人力加快訂單處理與出貨速度,調撥資源維持營運,商品未配達前,請您耐心等候。

Shopee is decentralized, so that will depends on each shop, probably a better bet in these times, it is also more straightforward to cancel orders if you need to, you can just chat directly with the seller. The wife got orders going through with no issues.


The problem is that they only let you know the 24h delivery is suspended AFTER you make your purchase.


I must have gotten in at the last minute, I made some SSD purchases and they got here in record time.

Here’s your answer:

" The transportation and warehousing sector had the most furloughed workers at 1,306 …"

“TV and online retailer Inc (富邦媒體) yesterday said it is suspending home delivery services to hospitals and areas affected by a COVID-19 outbreak as it adjusts its delivery services.”

I guess others are doing the same.

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For large home electrical applicances.

You can immediately return it and get a refund in the order tracking section if you don’t feel like waiting.

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I ordered a few bottles of isopropanol on Shopee last week and didn’t notice any delay. They came surprisingly fast actually - shipped same day and arrived within 48 hours from Tainan to Taipei.

Still waiting for an international package that my cousin sent me in March. :sweat:

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Most recent PCHome 24hr order took 5 days to arrive.

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Iherb through SF fast, less than a week, maybe even faster than usual.

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Refunds from PCHome 24 still work and are pretty quick.

It was taking more than a week before, glad to hear it is back to speedy delivery.

Its normal, dont panic. Everywhere is experiencing delays and the government, along with all the logistic ompanies (including export) have already explained very clearly why (CCP Virus) and apologized far more than they need ed to. Anyone relying on delivery se rvices should be responsible and order ahead of time to plan for their schedules. This isnt a big deal, but one that requires a bit more patience from the customer…

This is a problem borne of a culture being spoiled with next day delivery for the long time at a cheap price, be forgiving not entitled. Really, they arent trying hard to just make you wait. The only people and businesses at any kind of true risk and problems are thosethat have ultra perishable items. To them, my condolences…sucks.

Tiny sample: ordered from the online Apple Store today, and delivery is expected on Friday, two days from now. But that’s a domestic shipment. (The same item was unavailable at several Apple-ish stores I checked in Danshui, and would take at least a week, maybe more, to arrive.)

Sigh, dumb COVID. Most of the time this would have been a nice excuse to head into town and splash out for a nicer restaurant.

Almost certainly an issue with the country of departure. usa is famous for problems as with many others such as india. In the off chance they actually sent it to the right country, and it arrived here, its likely lost and you should open an investigation before its too late. It must be opened on the senders side, then you can make waves on this side. Depends also on which method they used to ship.

USA for example has gone to total shit over the years, and they have the gulls to just say fuck you, too bad. much like other 3rd world countries . I would insure important packages now if dealing with the states. They have also made mandatory that the sender does all the paperwork for postal services from taiwan to the usa, this is clearly to allow denial of responsibility as the post office can claim they didnt fill anything out. a dick move for a now lazy and entitled system, to say the least. postal services via ocean freight still ndoest seem to require this. however sending cean freight via. post to usa is a gamble, they really are truly unorganized and lost packages, packages delivered to opposite sides of the country etc are common place now. Be warned. We have had about 600k in product lost due to the USPS ineptitude, and theyvliterally just to piss off. If they fuck up the delivery, and it gets returned,t hey have the nerve here to ask you to pay for the return delivery. Have been to blows many times over this to the point we just use freight forwarders now. Dont expect things to get better for the customer.

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