What's the highlight of your day today?

I try to take it one day at the time here. Looking too far ahead is blurry. Today I found a small restaurant and they made me the most delicious lunch box. It had green veggies, rice and some minced beef in garlic sauce. Lots of garlic. Only 70 NT.

Today is a good day. I know,it’s nothing too exciting but better than nothing no?


I had fun with my wife this morning. That was a good way to start the day. Then I made breakfast for my dogs and played with them for a while before we went for our morning walk. That too was nice, though in a completely different way. Not a bad Monday, so far.

I made my wife laugh and smile.

That’ll work for me. :rainbow:

The VDay girls are having a group discussion via "reply all"s in email about planning a dinner.
I love these girls.
It is making me smile.

Not having to eat one of those horrid lunchboxes makes my day every day. Even the vegetables have bones in them.

It will happen this evening for sure.
Going to youth park swimming pool, having a chat with White hair Tony, 75 years old, retired and cleaning the cig buds of some wicked locals smoking in the dresser rooms.
Than just sharing a smile with the 105 year old bones guy, expressing a kind of sympathy to each other being unable to say more that hi.
Life can be sweet.

Cooked up some left-over noodles for my lunch.
Added some extras which included the last of my parmesan cheese.
Pulled them out of the oven…something vaguely familiar in the air.
Set down to eat them and…BOING…I close my eyes and I’m eating…
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese !
Somehow, what I cobbled up is a dead-on ringer, taste-wise, for the famous Mac & Cheese.

Ahhh…life s good!

Slept until noon :sunglasses:

Took a drive to multnomah falls…spent a couple hours hiking around the water falls.

Rented a DVD…Kingdom of Heaven…sweet movie! Highly advise seeing it.

Talked to my Fiance on the phone for a bit…always nice to hear her sweet laugh.

I’d say, all in all, a nice relaxing day. :slight_smile:

I read all of the tender and thoughtful things that everyone has written in Maoman’s post at the top of the Open Forum. It gave me strength and made my day.

Reading this makes my day again. :slight_smile:

positive: more enjoyable day than usual playing favorite game with friends around world

negative: cooked piece of fish from market has caused case of Taiwan “oil-feces” diarrhea. silver lining is that previously gained immune resistance has me feeling fine except for mentioned symptom

I finished the last of my bimonthly evaluations today–finally interviewing the quieter students. I had a very pleasant surprise when it turned out that one of the girls actually could read the books, and knew how to do the math work too! :rainbow: She never finishes her tasks on time and always gives me a blank stare during class. I thought she just didn’t understand. But she did. Personally spoon-feeding her lunch this afternoon must have made her decide she could talk to me. :wink:

Feeling like I’m not a bullshit teacher always makes my day. My little ones are reading far beyond my expectations. That was cool! Did I have something to do with that? Kids are so smart.

I had a good nap this afternoon that made me feel like a new man.

I look for good things in every day (and very often I find them!) so here are some highlights

I dropped a handmade game board out of my bag as I tried to catch a taxi to work and an old man walked over and handed it to me.

On Friday, my 4th graders wrote beautiful thank you notes to their parents for coming to see me at the upcoming parent-teacher conferences. Today they did their peer editing before turning over their polished drafts to me. One of the letters that I read actually brought tears to my eyes:

[quote=“one of my 4th graders”]Dear Mom and Dad,

Thank you for coming to parent-teacher conferences to see my teacher. I am happy that you take the time to care how I am doing at school. You will get to see all the things I made this year. I hope you’re proud of me.

I am really looking forward to having PTC this semester, if for nothing else, the parents getting to read the letters their children have written them.

And I’ve only had two full-out coughing fits all day (and both were due to laughing)! My bronchitis is finally going away!

Completed a private translation project - good to get it done and handed in. Had an easy case at work: the client wasn’t scheduled to be present so I could come to work late. Came home early and soaked my feet in hot water and relaxed.

Was invited to share a shower and apply body lotion with a group of 17-yr old girls.

Sadly I was too far away to take advantage, but it’s the thought that counts.

Little Andy was absent this morning. That really made my day. Lately when I get up to go to work, I don’t think about work, I think about Andy and I just want to go back to bed. He’s a monster, driving me to the edge of sanity.


it’s Friday

Two highlights to a Friday for me:

  1. Leaving work. The second I hit the street, I have a smile on my face.
  2. Turning my alarm clock off before I go to bed.

highlight of my day (actually EVERYDAY);
waking up to the sweetest smile from my babyboy :wink: