What's the name of the awesome western bbq place in Kaohsiung?

Trying to find it now

What awesome BBQ place? I live here and we definitely don’t have anything like Baba Kevin’s.

We have Smokey Joe’s, but it’s mediocre at best. Are you sure you’re not thinking of the southern style (but non-BBQ) Arkansas Diner?


That’s the place.


It’s great. But it’s not really BBQ lol. I mean they do have a pulled pork sandwich though.

It’s near Aozihdi Park… get off at the Aozidi MRT and it’s in one of the nearby alleys. Just Google Maps it.

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Even has its own thread.


Cow on fire?

There’s a more decadent version of it, I forgot the name but it (deservingly) starts with a “The”. Like “The Harold” or something.

It’s worth going just for that sandwich. But it would be a shame to do so and miss the pecan pie with butter pecan ice cream.

Truly a gem here.

You can try ‘German Soul’. They have some good meat on the menu.


German Soul is great. :+1:

Super friendly owner too. I don’t think I’ve been to an expat restaurant where the owner sucked or was rude.

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You obviously never visited Papa Giovanni’s back in the day then. The owner was so rude and obnoxious it was actually quite funny.

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Fortunately I missed that experience :sweat_smile: Was that in Kaohsiung?

No, Taipei way back in the day, this message board was full of messages about the place at the time.

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This one is nice too