What's the Weirdest Thing That Ever Happened to You in Taiwan?

Just wondering what stories users on here might have about their lives in Taiwan. The weirder the better, but no need to feel self-conscious if your personal experiences aren’t that unusual.

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Why don’t you start?

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Some chick approached me in the MRT station because she saw me reading my Chinese textbook and said I looked ‘smart’ (ironically she used vocab that I couldnt understand at the time ).
She followed me onto the MRT and sat down beside me. Started chatting to me. Meanwhile she took an orange out of her pocket and started peeling it.
This set off a wave of tut-tutting and ‘you can’t do that’. She proceeded to munch on the orange and offer me some. She eventually told the others to screw themselves she was only eating an orange. From her accent I guessed she was mainland Chinese.

Next she asked me could she accompany me back to my flat , kept asking me where I lived and she liked ‘mixed’ babies, wanted a smart kid, something along those lines. While admittedly she wasn’t the worst looking chick I reckoned she was bat shit crazy at this stage. So I didn’t tell her where my stop was and then rather abruptly left. I was on the escalator when I felt a tap on my shoulder. She had followed me off the train and asked me where I was going ?

I kind of freaked out at that stage and ran most of the way home with the odd backward glance …Never saw her again :joy:


I guess one of my weirder moments was going to a KTV years ago, and finding out that the girl trying to sit in my lap was one of my ex-students from the junior high school around the corner. As she shares this information I look over to the other side of the room, and see my buddy passed out in a pool of his own puke. Then, just behind him, a door opens and I see a room full of Taiwanese dudes sitting in front of a completely nude woman.


Sounds freaky af.

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Close call. Sounds like she would have extracted your DNA and then finished you off with an icepick.


Or even worse…married him and taken him to China.


Around December im going to buy Xmas Presents at City Hall area. I was on the MRT Blue line minding my own business with my phone and theres this 5 yr old next to me with a cool olive green ww2 bomber jacket. As the MRT is slowing at Yongchun station the 5yr old boy turns and grabs me really hard for no reason. Im dumbfounded since I barely was paying attention. His dad is really embarrassed and prys the kids arms off me and yanks him out of the MRT before the door closes…
I proceed on to Taipei City Hall Station, I walk out of the MRT and directly to Exit 2s underground mall area. Theres a big crowd there as usual out of the blue a 5yr old kid that looks the same with the exact olive green bomber jacket grabs me really hard. I freak out and start running. When I realize what happened, I thought no way thats impossible, I turn back and the kid is gone. Since I dont do drugs or anything, not drunk or anything, don’t know what to make of that.


Who you gonna call?

How long ago was this?

I think many of us, if not all, have run into someone who was not quite right in the head trying to connect with us.

A guy, on the MRT, kept following me car to car. I walked the entire length of the train hoping he would get the hint. He didn’t. Once I had nowhere else to go, he came right up to me and said he wanted to be my friend. Those exact words, “I want to be your friend”. I really didn’t know what to do so I just stood there. He kept on asking questions, “Where you from?”, “Do you like Taiwan?”, “I want to be your friend” on and on and on. I was just silent, until one stop before my stop. I got off early because I did not want him following me to where I was actually going. He did follow me, all the way outside the station. Waiting at a red light to cross the road he tried to hold my hand. I quickly pulled away from him and shouted in Chinese “Ni ga ma? Hen chi gui!” To which he responded with more requests to be my friend and wanting to speak English with me. I never spoke a word of English to him. I started saying in German that I do not speak English. He did not get the point and kept at it. The light turned green and I feigned crossing the street, he was halfway into the intersection when I jumped in a cab right there and told the guy to just drive. First and only time I ever used those words to a cab driver. Felt like it was straight out of a movie.

Never saw that crazy guy again.


I’ve had something similar happen. Some guy on an escalator starts stroking my arm and telling me how much he likes my white skin. Had to go into stealth mode.

One time I was at this swimming pool in Wanhua and this guy came up to me and beat me up and I called the police and well…

…I guess you know the rest…


I heard that 9 out of 10 murders in Wanhua go unreported. Also that the police will rape you.


One time I was in a men’s room trying to take a piss when a cleaning auntie came in and started sweeping the floor right around my feet. So many stories of cleaning aunties going in the men’s room. I swear they actually hang out in there just for kicks. Now I always scope the area out to see if any of them are nearby. But that doesn’t even work as they unexpectedly pop out of closed stalls. So I just use the stall now and avoid the urinals.

He said weird.


Probably about 2 week after arriving in Taiwan I was sitting with my then-girlfriend-now-wife in the foodcourt of a SOGO in Taipei on my phone looking through 891 for apartments when a guy in a black hoody sprints out of nowhere, throws a crumpled red paper with handwritten Chinese in a darker red font onto our table and, not breaking stride, continues sprinting out of sight. As far as I could tell he didn’t drop anything on any other table and it looked specifically targeted at me.

I went to pick it up but my wife stopped me saying it might be cursed or poisoned (she’s not super superstitious, but you know Taiwanese…), so we just got up and left. I still wonder what the hell that was about or if my jet-lagged state just made it seem more weird than it was…

It was probably a ghost bride red envelope.


You can get a JFRV if you bag one of those.