What's up with all the white smoke today? [Taipei]

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Where I’m from, we call it “fog”.


I thought it has to feel cold when it’s fog. But sun is out and it’s hot outside.

When I left this morning, my weather app said fog and on my commute it was muggy and visibility was very short. Cars without their lights on would pop out at intersections. And if it was smoke, there was no odor to it.

I’m in Taoyuan, and it’s still foggy and muggy out. Something weird in the air recently.

This was last night:

And this was this morning:


What I see in some of those pictures seems to be clouds… however, don’t remember when, but recently I felt like the air was dirty.

Same here. Was just talking to my office mate yesterday about this.

if it is not fog it is probably smog

Maybe this:


The air quality index is currently pretty good. I suppose it’s fog. The wind is moving it around in a way that doesn’t happen with smog, and it doesn’t smell bad.

Glad to see other places of Taipei have sunlight. We’re thick in the … fog? … here in Danshui.

My boy phoned me early in the morning showing some photo he just finished his work shift at Hsinchu and asking me what it was and I said fog and realized it was not fog it was smog. I just advise him to wear mask to avoid triggering his asthma and don’t linger around.

Yeah, this proves what we were talking about in the office yesterday. The air here has been really bad the past few days. From our factory we can see the sea (west coast), and yesterday there was a haze just hovering over it.

Not here!

yes, my boy called this morning anyway just wear mask if you are around the area with smog.

Yeah, it’s spiked up to 141 in Danshui now too, and when I posted the above I was using data that were a couple hours old. So much for my fog theory. (So much for the bike ride I’d planned as well. Yesterday the forecast was for more of the same. Ah well.)

I suppose Bali (the famous one) is too far away, right? Speaking of it though, they’re saying Mt. Agung is rumbling the same way it did before the eruption that killed 1000+ people in 1963.

Ah yes - welcome to Asia…you’ll be alright…just try not to breath!

Ashes accummulate and they lower temperature all around, among other effects. Yes, they are carried over land and sea.

However, it is my impression that this time of the year the winds come from the North.

Oh, of course. I just meant for this particular event, since the volcanic smoke was just recently reported, it seems unlikely that it’s already smoked up Taipei like this.

But generally speaking, if pre-industrial Indonesia can cause climate change like Krakatoa allegedly did in the 6th and/or 19th centuries, we may be in for some nasty stuff. :volcano: :doh:

Indeed. We have several active volcanoes in the ol country. Plenty of fun for us and the neighbors.

As for Bali, the worst case scenario is that we will hear it.

The worst-case scenario is a climate-altering eruption that leads to several years without a summer. This happens every few centuries.

The air was whitey today… yes. Last weekend I went to Xiao Liu Qiu and it was the same or worse. I mean, the island was kinda smelly (probably because of the scooters and “gods money”), but if you looked afar the sky looked downright shit… maybe because of Kaoshioung and its chemical plants or maybe because of China, dunno.

Today, despite the super blue sky, it’s hazy in Taipei too. And probably a bit smelly.