What's with All the Bomb Threats Lately?

To be honest, that level of self-awareness in 2023 is hard for many to obtain, or even see value in. Most people either don’t have the time or don’t want to spend time developing this self-awareness.

Even if they do have the right climate for this kind of introspection, the impact the strain of indoctrination they are exposed to/expose themselves to is usually greatly undervalued, and therefore rendered unimportant/trivial by them.

Quoted in media, comments on news and Line.

Lol comments under Yahoo news and Line are the worst.

Its incredibly tough out here as the onslaught is sophisticated and relentless.

One needs to take a time out (or the literal or metaphorical trip) regularly, take stock and recharge them batteries.

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A Chinese national suspected of making hundreds of bomb threats against multiple locations in Taiwan has been tracked down by the authorities in China, following a request from Taiwan for judicial assistance.

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