What's with All the Bomb Threats Lately?

So this is at least the third one I’ve seen in the last couple weeks or so.

Before that, the National Palace Museum, and the Taipei Zoo. Also, some story about a guy putting a gas cannister on railroad tracks.

I have a feeling this is China trying to mess with us. Or somebody has nothing better to do…

Also, I remember last month there was a bomb threat at a univresity in Hsinchu. But that was probably some student or students who didn’t want to take a midterm.

Thoughts or insights on this recent phenomenon?

Jealous or jilted stalker.

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I heard about one last week in Kaohsiung, the zoo and Lotus Pond (ransom), but when it didn’t come up here I dismissed it as fake news

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Foreign ip’s as I recall (cannot supply details).

It’s become a thing in the US too. Now you can pull the fire alarm without even being there.

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I believe that swatting has become the sport among some of these shit bags.


Not fake.

Not exactly unrelated

I’d say elections.

Also visitors have been affected. There was a threat coincidentally with Bolton’s arrival in Taiwan.


It’s all being done by one person in China who studied in Taiwan. He was arrested a couple of years ago for emailing fake bomb threats because a girl rejected his advances (or something). He fled back to China before his court date, and he hasn’t stopped ever since.

These details were all in the news. Can’t bother to link it.

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Exactly why students from China should continue to be banned.

Actually all visitors from China should continue to be banned. Just ban them forever. Who cares.


Are they currently banned?

I’m not sure but there aren’t many currently, which is good.

Xi Jinping isn’t letting them come here

The Taiwanese universities would love to have them. With student numbers dropping, little ability to teach in English, no reputation as a provider of quality education, semi regular stories of international student interns being taken advantage of and killed, the universities are in trouble.

But for Chinese students who want to go abroad but don’t have the English or academic skills, Taiwan is perfect. Nearby, a lot of cultural overlap (except of course things like government and food), cheap, etc…


Eh those shit schools should just close down.

And Chinese students can stay where they are.

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Maybe, but I feel sorry for my colleagues who got degrees from national universities here and don’t have the option of going to work at universities in other countries :man_shrugging:

Lots of them go to Canada, UK, NZ, US, Australia, no problems. We get lots of money and population growth from them

It is a big problem for schools there.

They should’ve thought about that. Academia is in terrible shape almost everywhere.

And the public, better schools should expand their academic staff.

Damn… this is the first time I hear of this kind if things in Taiwan…

Because of one person?

I’m undecided about whether they should or not be banned, but that one is not really a valid reason.

I thought that education, sharing ideas and mind openness were important things for people like you. Oh, right, only in theory and when it suits you.

It might be a problem if they stop going, but that’s unlikely. China still needs the western knowledge. Taiwanese universities have nothing to offer the CCP

It’s just a bigoted position against all Chinese people, not because of this one emailer