What's your best cocktails?

hi guys . i like to check and learn new cocktails. it can be rare cocktails or own created cocktails.thanks:)

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I like Long Island Iced Tea and Rusty Nails.

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Old Fashioned made with Rye whisky and maple syrup. And if I ever stumble upon a bar who make those, would love to try the Trinidad Especial.

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Old Fashioned is a great cocktail to experiment with. You can replace the syrup with cassis, Drambuie, or other liqueurs for completely different flavor profiles.

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White chocolate liquer, rosemary, Gaoliang, gin, lime juice, orange juice. I think I’m missing something, but I love Gaoliang cocktails. Cutting the Gaoliang with gin makes it more mixable, and its nose goes well with more herbal flavors.

When it’s hot out I like a modified White Russian: 2 parts vodka, 2 parts milk, 1 part Irish Cream. Very refreshing.

My favorite is simply a shot of vodka, half shot of lime cordial, and ginger ale over rocks, with a lemon twist. My go-to drink at home. Is there a name for this particular mixture?

The Rocket

1 part well grade whiskey/whisky :tumbler_glass:
1 part tobacco cigarette :smoking:
1 part punch in the crotch for anyone who bugs me during enjoyment thereof :raccoon: :boxing_glove:


Mint Julep
Pina Colada

Moscow Mule?


My daughter came up with a cracking non-alcoholic cocktail today. She supervised as I squeezed a honey pomelo (the round ones) and mixed it with soda water. It was refreshing and delicious. I plan to try it with gin later.

I’m going to call it a Formosa Fizz. But she calls it Honey Pomelo Fizz Surprise (she’s dictating this to me as I type).

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