What's your favourite British restaurant in Taipei/New Taipei?

What’s your favorite British restaurant in Taipei/New Taipei?

I’ll start by saying I dislike The Three Lions Inn and On Tap.

How is Britshake in Tamsui? I walked in once; it smelled good.

Isn’t British food worse than ours?

There is a misconception about British food, that it’s bland and boring.

I grew up on it, and will take it over any other cuisine any day of the week.

The Brass Monkey and Carnegie’s both have some decent British food selections. I wouldn’t go to either to “hang out”, though.


It is pretty good.

Apparently there is a Britshake in Xinyi too.

Has anyone tried it?

I’ve tried the one in a lane off Yenchi Street, if that’s the one you mean. I found it ok. Had their signature fish and chips. Nicely presented. ‘Chips’ were cut way too thin for my liking though. Came with a mushy pea sauce, which was a nice surprise. The waitress made me smile by presenting a bottle of ‘special sauce for the fish and chips’… it was a bottle of vinegar :slight_smile:


Interesting. I dont think i have ever even seen a british cuisine styled restaraunt, even back home. Always pubs. Quite eager to try now.

To the brits, what is “British Cuisine”?

Genuine question.


Chicken Parmo, Haggis, deep-fried Mars bar, egg and chips, hot water pie, roast beef and yorkshire pudding, Melton Mowbray’s, and also some “Indian” food ironically (Chicken Tikka Masala and Korma both actually being native of the UK)

Oh jeeze, thanks. We always had yorkshire pudding, roast beef for birthdays as a kid (grandparents are ultra british canadian). Thanks, not sure why those skipped my mind.

Shepards pie i assume is also british, and one of my all time favorite foods.

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yep, as is cottage pie, obviously. Shephard’s being lamb, cottage being beef.

You’re making those up!



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Had a deep-fried cheeseburger once, I’d describe it as “dangerous”.

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Don’t worry, some antibiotics and that’ll clear up in no time!



I used to like Brass Monkey but the last time I was there, the beer taps smelled like they needed a good cleaning. Also, they seem to be collecting knickknacks and the place looks filthy. No way I can eat there.
I need to try Carnegie’s again. It’s been many years and I thought it was a place for local women to hunt business travelers. It is probably different today.

baked beans on toast
cheese on toast
fried egg on toast
battered sausage and chips
lamb chops and mint sauce
Toad in the hole
black pudding
…and on and on and on

Are hush puppies and honey British?

And just eaten by themselves like that?

Crème brûlée is almost certainly a British invention. Spaghetti Bolognese is an Italian dish so far ahead of its time the Italians don’t know it exists.

Kudos to the poster who pointed out two outstanding British curries. My mate used to always have chicken korma with chips. He liked his curries reassuringly bland.



This is cuisine in name only, in that it is kinda sorta foodstuff. It’s more what’s left in the fridge Monday morn after a weekend of ya mates watchin footy and pissing on the sofa.