When I die I want to buried

When I die I want to buried in my hometown next to my grandparents. I have spent most of my life running away from the place I grew up in but in the end I would like to be back there with my family. I realize this is a morbid topic but it is also a part of life.

When I die I want to be buried with the one I love.

When I die they can chop up my body and use it for science or something useful, because I have no use for it when I’m dead.

i couldn’t care less,i never visit relatives tombs,this rite to me seems so pointless/2 faced.

in an ideal world i’d be cremated,ashes spread into a huge batch of pool balls material,so i’d have a bit of me in different place of the world contributing to what used to be my favorite hobby.

Leaning towards cremation myself…

How does he/she feel about this?

I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather. not screaming in the back like his passengers

How does he/she feel about this?[/quote]

I just quote what he said to me.

Dead bodies, and funerals are for the living. That is to say, I want my remains to be disposed of in a way that will give my sister and and grandmother the most comfort.

Not so for those interested in family history and genealogy.

practical and economical… bury the ashes (urn) wherever you want, in a grave or even in another coffin :sick: I know but some people do it who want to be buried with a loved one :idunno:

Wraped in a flag and dumped in the sea is not a option I gues.

Fuel is nead for cremation so I just contribute to global warming, burried and I will be using land that could be used for food production.

Dump me in sea and let there crabs have it. I eat alot off crab so it’s only fair they get there revenge once I don’t nead my body annymore.

Why should I care?


a) There is an afterlife. In which case, I am either in heaven or hell, my spirit having survived, and so why should I care about my earthly-bound remains? I’m an angel flying on the spirtitual plane, beyond material cares.

b) There is no afterlife. In which case, um…doesn’t exactly matter, now does it?

Half buried and face down so that you can all kiss my ass.

-or park your bicycles

[quote=“Bubba 2 Guns”]Half buried and face down so that you can all kiss my ass.

-or park your bicycles[/quote]
Or scrape off baseball cleats. :smiling_imp:

I’d like to be buried with a contingent of moderators to accompany me in the afterlife. :smiley:

I’d like to be rendered into breakfast sausages and eaten at roadside diners everywhere.

Or a Hell’s Angel’s funeral.

Now you all have got me thinking…
kind of thought I’d plan on being cremated and scattered here in Taiwan but it really is all about those left behind, isn’t it? After all, it’s not like I will care where I am after I’m gone (huh?). I’m going to have to talk to my kids about this one to see how they feel about it.

How does he/she feel about this?[/quote]

Well, I told them that when the time comes, don’t pay any attention to her whining, just toss her in anyway.

we can always contact the taiwanese branch of al-qaida to plant a bomb on the next happy hour :wink: