When is the right time to leave

Oh yeah, you’re right.

But either way everyone who has entered Australia since Sep 1994 did so in 1 of 3 ways

  1. With a valid visa
  2. As an unlawful non-citizen
  3. As the monarch of Australia

Most countries have reciprocal visa policies with other countries.

If one country doesn’t allow visa-free access for your citizens, then you don’t allow it for their citizens either.

The few examples you provided above are more exceptions rather than the norm.

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and before that


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www.seek.co.nz or www.seek.com.au or www.trademe.co.nz Those are all legit.

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Not true for Australia. Australia requires all foreigners to have a visa to enter. Yet Australians get visa free entry to most countries around the world. US requires most people to use ESTA ( which is not a visa ) or to apply for a visa. Yet US citizens get visa free travel around the world to most countries.

Yup, as I said there are exceptions.

Plenty of them. Many EU countries require people from Asian countries to get a visa where they have visa free access.

I’ll just google

Typical day working here:

Go to Class A like usual. 15 minutes into class the manager calls and says go to Class B. Coteacher in Class A takes this as the time to slowly gossip about shit. Manager comes to tell you hurry as they forgot to tell you go to Class B. You get to Class B and the coteacher yells at you because they’ve known about the schedule change for a week. Why are you late? Blah blah.

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Why don’t you just laugh in their faces and ask for a printed schedule to prevent this in the future?

Define “yell.”

If a coworker yelled at me, I would a) put my things in my backpack and b) walk out.