Where are all the Squeegees at gas stations?

I’m new to driving a car here but as the title says, where are they? I’ve only seen them at one of two has stations ever in Taiwan. I like to clean my Windshield every time I fill up… But they don’t exist here it seems. What does everyone else do? Like this week I had bird poo dried on. It bothers me and the wipers won’t clear it.
I don’t want to wash the car every week.


They usually offer to do it for you as they’re filling your car up.

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I wondered about squeegees forever. Then one time they offered to clean my windows. Now I just ask to clean for me if I need it.

I still don’t know if they have them available for customers to use.

Hmm, I don’t know the Chinese for squeegee so I showed them a picture. The last 8 places said no, they didn’t have one, they told me to go through the car wash. Another offered me a dirty rag. Maybe they only have them in taipei

I’m in darkest Taoyuan, squire.


I’ve honestly thought about buying one for my house with a bucket.

My local petrol station just gives me a free car wash every time i fill up.

Or just get one of this:

Maybe we should start a movement and have some protests and also get squeegees in the toilet/shower rooms.

My deepest sympathies to you


Nice, have you seen these in Taiwan?

Yes. In those small stores that sells everything at the same price.
Maybe you can even find it in Daiso.

@RickRoll thank you so much. I’m going to get one

Nope. I’m in Tainan and I have a dirty rag. They are widely available, though you might have to get it dirty yourself.

(Actually mine is a Taiwan Army nurses uniform blouse which I found in an abandoned military hospital, so not that widely available, but a more ordinary rag would do at a pinch.)

I also have a bucket. When compared to the value of my car, this is a fairly significant investment, but probably not when compared to the value of yours.

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I found this beauty at the car supply store after @RickRoll suggested it.

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But I think I’ll stick with my Dirty Nurses Blouse and Bucket (Good name for a pub? I’ll go back and capitalise it - yeh, not bad)

They seem to do the job, and I don’t really “do” car supply stores.

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It retails for $167. Not sure how much your bucket cost. Might be worth taking a look and thinking about an upgrade :slight_smile:

Already have the bucket.

Don’t have the market closing spot price for used buckets handy (though I’m on the Internyet so I suppose its a click away) but I’d expect to get gouged by depreciation.

Plus buckets are versatile. You can wash, crap, carry tools, plant potatoes in them, invert and sit on them like Oor Wullie from The Broons (optimally not all at the same time). Can’t see you doing all that with your somewhat…how to put this without giving offence?..Terry and June squeegee thing…which I’m sure is very nice and you’ll be very happy with…

Plus I get sentimentally attached to things, big girls blouse that I am (and have).

Yeah, that’s the one!
The same kind I got.
Did you find it useful?

Not as useful as a bucket, I bet.

Still, different strokes…whatever clears your screen.

Or floats your blouse.