Where are the Hsinchu nightlife hotspots?

I will be going to Hsinchu for the summer. Can anyone tell me what are the popular nightlife hotspots? I have heard of the Pig and Whistle, but that places sounds like more of a restaurant. Are there any other places, and does anyone know which places are the best time to go on certain days? Thanks!

First, you need to keep in mind that Hsinchu isn’t Taipei.
Then, we can speek about nightlife hotspots, but don’t make any comparison.

Pig and Whistle is a pub-restaurant on the first floor and a dancing pub on the second. There’s a stage with bands playing on the weekend. That’s near the ambassador hotel, the highest building in Hsinchu.

The pig pen is another popular place for dancing. Band and DJ play alternatively. The music isn’t great but go to shake your butt anyway and you’ll have some fun. It’s near the city hall.

The flying pig (they have a problem with pigs in this town), isn’t bad either. The dance floor isn’t big but it’s a good excuse to get close to the nice women. It’s near the Dongmen (center downtown).

There’s another one called Tibet but I’ve been there one, quite drunk, and I don’t really remember how it was…

These place are popular but also a bit impersonnal. You can go there for 6 months everyday, asking for a corona. They will always ask you what you want to drink.
In the same street than the flying pig, you’ll find several small bars but with good atmosphere (B52, pumpkin, 4Q2, Mr7). My favourite is 4Q2 because their food is good, they’re friendly and the boss give free shoots quite often.

The best I think is to start in one of these bar and then move to one of the dancing place. You’ll find that some of these place are more or less popular depending if you’re an english teacher or working in the science park. Don’t ask me why, I’ve never figured that out.

And this is true only for the week-end. It’s real quiet during week days.
I’m not a night animal, you may find other places.


Thanks for all your help Frederic, it is appreciated. What do you mean when you said “You’ll find that some of these place are more or less popular depending if you’re an English teacher or working in the science park.” I will be working at the science park. Do you mean that some places are more hospitable and fun for people who are English teachers, while other places are more hospitable and fun for people who work at the science park? Thanks again for your information.


Go to Taipei on the weekends.



Check the Pig & Whistle thread…

Mr. 7 , View, Simon pub…for a normal, quiet night.

The Flying Pig, Pig & Whistle…for a more exciting night out.

I hear the P&W in Xinzhu have a cracking new promotion.

For every litre of blood you loose on their dance floor they will give you a free alcoholic drink and T-shirt of your choice.

Bom Bom

That all sounds good, so thanks a lot for your advices I

Go have a look at the “4Q2”, a small sport bar near the flying pig. It’s a friendly hang out. Owners are really nice.

BTW, is there any other place to dance than “Flying pig” and “Pig and whistle”??

I was there on monday but I didn

Moon Disco Pub across from Howard Hotel.

At the Flying Pig every Friday night there’s a sexy pole dancer show…and she’s really goood! Don’t miss out on this… :slight_smile:

I got a question about Hsinchu nightlife:
IS THE B52 STILL OPERATING? I was there a few times and liked it, especially the music. But you also got decently priced beers and drinks. The staff was very friendly. Now their webpage dissapeared and I’m just curious whether they still exist, or are they just on one of their Pattaya trips? :sunglasses:
Does anybody know?


The B52 is still open. I haven’t been in there, since I always go to 4Q2 right down the block. They have good food there, by the way, the best hamburgers I’ve had in Hsinchu.

Another pub that’s friendly with good food is Alamo Pub, on Datong I believe. The owner (Vivian) is super friendly, as are most of the regulars.

OK, now: I realize this thread is more than a year old, and I still haven’t been back to the B-52 in Hsinchu. I’m wondering again, whether they are still open? When I log on to their (former) website b52.com.tw I get some kind of a Chinese Yahoo :unamused:

Hey Sidney? Jackey? Are you still out there? :discodance:


Yep, they are.

Sydney still has B52. Same as always… late crowd and Sydney’s good ole LP’s. The music man, the music.

Jackey and Sydney parted ways. Jackey now has his own pub called “The Pumpkin” — just 2 stores down from B52.

Great! Thanks! I also went there mainly for the music. :sunglasses:
A pity that Jackey left, but things happen, right? :s


The Pumpkin is what used to be the Everydays…


I used to go there quite often until I realized they, Rodger and his two sisters, Vivienne and Yen-Yen, loaded the bill a bit.

There motto was, “He drinks 10 and pays for 20 because he won’t notice because he’s drunk.”

There motto must have been fairly spot on because it happened to me more than once I’m ashamed to admit.

Also happened to me mates from the Science Park and High Speed Rail. We all decided to stay away.

I see Everydays is no more. :smiling_imp: