Where can a Filipino make friends in Taipei

Tell your friend that they need to tell people here why they’re here. They will be asked, and there must be an interesting reason. If they’re just being a bum here, good luck. If they can’t answer it with anything more than a vague, well I just want to be in Taiwan, then they’re doomed in the friendship department. Seriously.

Is your Filipino friend on an ARC? Or just a tourist who’ll max out their 14 -day stay? I’m very curious about the need to ask this question here.

Most Taiwanese are friendly to Filipinos. But it’s more like a polite kind of friendly. Trust is a different matter, which is necessary to deepen relationships especially friendship.

Em, it’s not a secret or anything strange. I’m just choosing to limit what I say publicly. The person is here long-term.

I’d guess your friend is here due to marriage with a local. Work is not a option because the partner doesn’t want your friend to be financially independent?

Regardless of the reason, it seems your friend had available free time. I suggest to visit the community center nearby and see what activities is your friend interested in. Being part of a group is always an easy way to make friends. Also, is still help with your friend’s shyness, since they have something to start a conversation. :2cents:

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I met my 2 Pinay friend at some gatherings and once in blue moon we meet up.
I 'm not too religious that’s all I have and the rest are either Taiwanese and from Myanmar or Half Chinese/Fil like me.

In total got few friends lang :smile:

What is a community center in Taiwan? There’s some room down the street from my village president where old me go to get their blood preasure checked and sometime sing KTV. They might do other things, but this person doesn’t speak Chinese, so I’m not sure that would help much.

The Community Services Center is a non-profit organization that provides a support network of counseling, activities, events, cross-cultural education, and information services to meet the needs of the whole international community in Taipei and throughout Taiwan.

It is somewhere to start.

Or your friend can attend to Chinese classes and learn Chinese while making friends.
There are free Chinese classes for foreign spouses too:

I meant this.

If the person likes exercise, don’t they have dance, pingpong, and/or badminton class/group? That kind of activities could be enjoyable without much Chinese or even with no Chinese, and help the person picks up some Chinese or Taiwanese too. There may be some people who speak English or are very good at body languages.

Bigger community center may have more activities, and they maybe accept people out of their regions.

Gottcha, but as I said, timid. Trying to join in without speaking the language is out. Thanks, though. I’ll see what’s on at the one near me. I suspected that’s what it was but I was never sure.

And…that is why a lot of them fail

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You could try Taipei Main Station on a Sunday, lots of your compatriots are often there, ready to mingle.

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Tons and tons and tons of Filipinos, among other foreign nationalities, are in Taipei Main Station each Sunday. The men in Taipei appear less than friendly though their compatriots in the south are more low-key and simply walk up to you and inquire about drugs and you could probably use this opening to strike up a conversation.

Many people get married, have kids and just live their simple lives. Selfishness and respect are nice, but not requirements in a relationship. Plenty of people stay in dysfunctional relationships. People live and die every day. Life is a b*tch.

Weekends, Taipei Philipinno maybe church, transfer money and send some boxes home in morning, then for fun, take short cheap train to La-chesca in Zhongli or Taoyuan.

Go to Filipino stores and be friends with the store owner/workers there.

That was a pretty intimate response to a 2 year old comment.

What sparked the new interest?

Someone got laid ?

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Tommy, that’s too much information.

Sorry I meant lucky err perhaps

… and still stuck in a dysfunctional relationship…