Where can I buy an African grey parrot?

Are there any reputable stores in Taipei where I can buy an African grey?

What’s a reasonable price for one?

Sorry, but I don’t believe any reputable store sells pet birds. But you can probably find what you are looking for around this area

108, Taiwan, Taipei City, Wanhua District, 内山公路

Or buy some nice binoculars and let the birds fly free.


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I read that the african grey is a protected species now, so it’s not suitable for being a pet unless they were not raised in the wild

Interesting. They’re popular pets here, I wonder if they breed them here.

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I saw a place near my house that has a bunch of green parrots. Makes a huge racket every time I walk by. I hope nobody lives anywhere near them because they are LOUD. As in you hear them several blocks away.

Also they live 50 years or so. Consider that! 50 years of listening to your microwave beeping and your phone ringing incessantly, and no way to turn it off…


Most likely smuggled in as “cultural artifacts” if you know what I mean. Exotic bird trade is a huge thing, and countries that export them turn a blind eye to it if encouraged enough.

this bird store (自強鳥園) near the Zhongzheng Bridge (中正橋) , maybe you can check it out?

They don’t sell African grays…they mostly have smaller parrots like lovebirds and budgies.

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You know that the bird gets older than you right?


I think they are bred here, common enough.

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Yeah that’s part of the reason I want to buy an African grey, because they live long and I hate seeing pets die. I am also considering a turtle due to their long lifespan.

Will you be alive in fifty years? Who will take care of your parrot after you’re gone? Why are you using the British spelling of “gray”? These are questions that need to be asked.


Yes, the long lifetime needs to be a consideration. And animal breeders here generally don’t seem to be “reputable” indeed - see dogs and cats. I hope for birds it’s better, but am afraid it might be a culture or society thing causing seemingly not much respect for animals and their welfare.

PS: please be aware that some stores do sell defective parrots. There’s even video evidence, albeit not from a African grey but Norwegian Blue:


The African gray I know (kept at a nearby printing shop) loves his neck scratches. Whenever he sees me, he comes up to the bars and tilts his neck sideways so I can scratch him.


I can think of several ways… :speak_no_evil:

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Pets are definitely very popular here now. Seems most of our friends’ kids in college have pets. I just talked to a friend complaining his kid brings his dog home with him from college and expects my friend to take care of the dog.