Where can I buy good bread in Taipei?


Looking at the website and seeing no exact address and an order form, I assume there is no walk in bakery and orders are made online and delivered with COD?


That is very odd, backhanded praise, LOL.


Boite de Bijou is pretty darn good for french-style breads and pastries, as they have a good assortment of raisin studded breads (which seems to be a local favorite) and plain bread. There’s one near Shida (NTNU) and Liuzhangli (across the street from The Mall). I think the Shida location only does pastries, but I’ve never actually been to that one.

Agnes b. has amazing croissants and what looks to be decent pain au chocolat:



Regarding Boite de Bijou: the Shida location actually has two sides, one for patisserie, one for boulangerie. So yes they have bread, and it is very good.



Mr Mark bread makes good French toast.


Some excellent bread shops here. My fav is a San Francisco style at Purebread Bakery.
If I want bread for sandwiches, then Flavorfield by citysuper at Zhongxiao Fuxing has a good whole wheat but it sells out early in the day.


Purebread is very good indeed. But if you’re already at Zhongxiao Fuxing Sogo, there’s no reason to eat Flavorfield bread. The Joel Robuchon bakery (their second branch) is located right there in the B2 level (same level as the Dintaifeng). Yes it’s a bit more money, but it’s far from unreasonable.

And while I’m at it, I’ll say that Robuchon’s bread in Taipei (main store: 3rd floor of Bellavita next to Taipei City Hall MRT Station, along with the forementioned Fuxing Sogo branch) is killing it lately. The work of their new head baker from Japan, Ms Kato, on the boulangerie side (not the patisserie side) is off the charts!



Oma ursel’s german bakery


Was by there today so I got a baguette. It’s good. I like Wendell’s baguette though, and it’s cheaper. I asked about a San Francisco loaf but they looked at me like I was nuts :slight_smile: They said they use San Francisco flour :slight_smile:


Glad to hear you are also a fan.


haha. I think there are many good baguette options in Taipei. I like any of PB’s round loaves like the jalapeno sourdough and the olive one. Or actually any of the like the chocolate rugelach…yum. I’ve started baking sourdough at home and it is much cheaper like 10NT but a lot of work. Eating bread without additives makes your taste buds different. I swear I can taste all the fake crap in the cheap bread although I don’t know what it is. https://www.thestreet.com/story/11012915/1/cellulose-wood-pulp-never-tasted-so-good.html
I had wheatgrass and apple juice for breakfast today and I could definitely taste the wheatgrass and not in a good way.


Honestly, does anyone taste wheatgrass in a good way?


But it’s good for us…It brought back memories of mowing the lawn. I’m not sure if just making a shot and quickly down is better than the wheatgrass-apple concoction. I’ll try the shot method tomorrow.


Thanks for the recommendations! Will keep these in mind.