Where can I buy good bread in Taipei?


no need to look further than Peck Bakery in Takashimaya, Tienmou. It’s amazing and has much better bread than I could ever buy back home in the UK – all for reasonable prices as well.


Went back to Uma Orsel yesterday. Lovely heavy German loafs.


Now that WeCare has gone out of business, does anyone know where I can find decent bread in the Gongguan area? (I’ve heard that 85 degrees is a pretty good chain, but I dont know where their branches are located…)


On 300 street corners all over Taiwan …


Thanks, but could you be a little more specific? There are over 3,000,000 street corners in Taipei alone, and so far I’ve still not managed to locate a single one that has an 85’C on it…

People have told me there’s one in Gongguan, but no-one seems to know exactly where it is.


i second this. italian style, seems to be a branch of a milano grocery/eatery.


Why cannot it be easier to find French or Italian bread without the garlic or cheese on it? Almost every bakery does not sell it without anything on it. Finally did find it at Florida Bakery on Zhong Shan N. Rd. Any other places in Taipei City that regularly sell the bread with the original flavor.


Maison Kayser, downstairs B2? in the breeze center. french style loaves, buns, etc. croissants are not great though, but the bread is soft yet firm and has a good crust and is pretty good for taiwan.

and BP has a new place in Sanxia somewhere. look at his recent bread thread.


My favorite is Peck, in the Tienmu Takashimaya, a (small bakery-ish) branch of a famous Milano grocery.


If you mean a French stick, you can get it at Carrefour.


I am new to the Taipei area and i am wondering if a few kind people could let me know where to buy

  1. healthy breads made for the western crowd sold at any mom and pop bakeries or small restaurants that cater to foreigners.

[strike]2. Real cheese (not vege oil fake cheese)[/strike] [color=#008040] Mod note: The thread on cheese is here.[/color]

Thanks for your help.


Why would a mom and pop bakery cater to the western crowd?


Bad date last night, BC?


Ah, the voice of reason once again becomes a bitter Western woman unable to get a shag. I love this place.
Bread: We Care bakery. Several locations in Taipei. Paul on Renai traffic circle. Real cheese can be had at Carrerfour (Reblochon de Savoie, 0.5kg, NT$280) Or semi-real cheese can be had at Costco (blocks of so-called cheddar, Monterey Jack, etc., if you’re happy with third rate US pap). Carrefour also has a variety of goat cheese, pave, bloc rouge, etc. Tons of places, in other words.


Just a tip for the OP – quite a bit of good info on this kind of topic has already accumulated in existing threads, so you might want to browse through those, too. You can run the Searchfunction, input either ‘bread’ or ‘cheese’, select view by ‘topic’, and choose the ‘Food’ forum, and you’ll get the best results, including threads with these titles:
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and so on.

BTW, if you want to save money, go to Costco first. They have good ciabatta and bulk cheeses at good prices. Carrefour also has good, affordable breads. If you can pay gourmet prices, go to Jason’s in B1 of 101, or Breeze Super or the one in the Far Eastern basement, and you’ll get better selections.


What a damn good question! Now, if you had just added one item and come up with the holy trinity of good bread, cheese, and red wine, I would have have given you a free shag.
Good luck with your quest bro.


[quote=“almas john”]grandcanyonlover,
What a damn good question! Now, if you had just added one item and come up with the holy trinity of good, bread, cheese, and red wine, I would have have given you a free shag.
Good luck with your quest bro.[/quote]
I got ciabatta from We Care, Reblochon from Carrefour and a nice 2005 Fitou from RT Mart to accompany my dose of Grey’s Anatomy Season 4 tonight. And i’m dangling my nutsack in your face as I type, Almas.


Put on your sheepskin Sandy!! It’s round up time!


Which Carre-4 has goat cheese? Soft or hard?

Oh, and WeCare went out of business. A few were replaced with IS Bakery but their bread is shit, about 60% of its former size, and as soft as a down pillow. Plus if you go past about 5pm there is nothing left.


Hsintien Carrefour has a couple of goat cheeses – a pyramid-shaped semi soft and a roulade. IS, that’s right. Still, their ciabatta is tolerable. Even Carrefour’s thin baguette with the flour crusting (not the regular one) is also eatable.