Where can I get a Kindle in Taipei?

Where can I get one of those paper-display kindles in Taipei? Must I order it from Amazon?

I’ve never seen one here, but I haven’t looked in a long while. I believe everyone who’s talked about them on the forums has ordered from overseas.

I sort of gave up shopping for tech in Taiwan. Too many long days checking countless stores and never finding what I wanted - and if I did, it was double the price from Amazon (after paying for shipping and import taxes).

我發現超棒的東西『[Kindle 專賣] 特惠免運 Kindle Paperwhite 4代 2018 Amazon 8GB 32GB』,售價$3,980!分享給你 https://shopee.tw/product/18924053/1707016659?smtt=0.0.9

You could try guanghua.
Or get yourself an .edu email address, use it to sign up for Amazon Prime for free and get a decent discount to offset the shipping to Taiwan.

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Wait, what?! I need to investigate that!

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Best bet would probably be to buy one used.

In the US they’re not sold at any brick-and-mortar retail outlet that I know of. As far as I know, the only way to get any Kindle in the US is to buy one used or buy one new from Amazon.


You can get wicked discounts and even free stuff with an .edu email address.

Free Amazon Prime membership
Free Office 365
Major Adobe Suite discount
NordVPN huge discount
Malwarebytes 4 year subscription for a 5 USD flat fee.
And so many more discounts.

All of them accept a .edu.tw email account except Amazon. It requires a school .edu within the USA. But, Google how that can be done for free too. Cuesta College in California assigns you a free .edu account when you apply online. Applying is free. Just cancel your application after and keep the email account. Works.


For University of Texas Austin (I have their email address), you have to be a current student/staff/faculty to get office 365 for free. Subscription for that is not too bad though… keeps me from having to mess around with pirated stuff.

I have not tried other services…

I’ve been using an .edu email for years now to get office 365 free and no troubles with not being a current student. They don’t check.

I tried that, and it redirected me to UT’s office 365 portal. It would not let me use it without being a current student.

Guess I got lucky.
If you work for a public or private school here in Taiwan, you can always ask your school for an email account. .edu.tw works as well as .edu

I could try my university of phoenix email account and see if that works…

Save it and use it to go through a vpn connection with.

The new Oasis 3 comes out this week. I ordered one already.

I tried Cuesta College but they emailed me and said my application couldn’t be processed and gave a number to call. Won’t get the Cuesta Portal email now I think. I’ll try another way to get one.

I’ve seen them in Target and would imagine they’re not the only outlet.

I bought mine in the US and had somebody ship it to me.

Yeah, I should have googled that. Looks like you can buy Kindles at Best Buy in the US (don’t shop there so didn’t know).

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I didn’t realize you are somewhat tied to buying books from Amazon and not adding your own files. Unless you want to go through other steps to convert and converting doesn’t always work.

  • Kindles do not support the EPUB file format used by many other e-book readers.

  • Kindle devices can also display some generic document formats such as TXT and PDF however, reflowing is not supported for these file types.

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Really depends on where you intend to purchase books.

Google Play Books supports epub and PDF.

Amazon does not support epub format which has a vast amount of free books available especially historical. Also independent distributors or authors will probably have EPUB.

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