Where can I get a Kindle in Taipei?

Sunny in Taichung was selling reasonably priced new Kindle Fire. Have a look.

How about I bring one back for you?

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If you’re not purely locked into Kindle then maybe consider Kobo or something else available in Taiwan.

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I have a Kindle that flatlined. I can give it to you for free.

Wow, thank you

What does that mean? Dead battery?

I have one I don’t really use. Probably willing to sell it – make an offer?
It’s in perfect condition. An older model from a few years ago

Amazon has an international version that ships here.

Won’t start up. Not sure why. Could be repairable, but maybe not. I just bought a Kobo instead. Like it a lot better than the Kindle.

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I’m not really sure what they are worth, and not sure what model you have. If it’s an older model like you say, would you accept $1000?

Also, if you are interested I have some other items of tech I’m looking to get rid off which I could throw in for free, including:

  1. ASUS 4G Router (you put a SIM card in)
  2. Polaroid camera (used once)
  3. D-Link home security camera

Ended up getting one of these. Although not all books are on the kobo store, you can apparently put Kindle store books on them too.

You can see my current interest on the search screen, haha

Love my Kobo.

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I find that epub files are the ones that render best on my Kobo.

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It takes some effort. Have to remove the DRM protection and change the format. And then pick a method to actually put it on the Kobo.

Which is generally the same regardless of where you buy your books.

I’ve also found that the dictionary function isn’t compatible with mobi files.

I think Icon might have some kindle of kittens around…