Where can I get gaffer tape (duct tape)?

That would be what you septics would call duct tape. I mean the proper silver-coloured woven extra sticky tape that can be used for just about anything. I know you can get it at Costco but I don’t need several miles of the stuff, just a few yards will be enough.

If you’re still living in Bitan, pop down to the local RT mart. Wander around the amazing unfriendly layout for a while and you find (3M?) duct tape, as far as I remember it’s in an aisle close to where they sell light bulbs, but I could be wrong. They definitely have it though, in reasonable sized rolls!

This Yank prefers to call it Duck Tape. duckproducts.com/ And if you keep up that kind of talk, you’d best start looking over your shoulder at night. A roll of Duck Tape can wreak havoc on an unsuspecting beard… :wink:

Have you tried your local hardware store? The one near our old place used to carry it.

I could tell you - but tell me who you want to tie up first.

Are you planning on taking hostages in class or is it just to keep them quiet?

Thanks, Super54. RT Mart, eh? I have a compass and a GPS, so I can find my way around that store pretty well! It is a mess though, isn’t it? But name me another grocery store in Taipei where you can go to pick up a case of dogfood and come home with a 16-foot sea-going kayak?

Jeff, I’ve tried my local hardware store and they have stuff similar to duck tape (I wonder why on earth they call it that? The mind boggles, or at least slips into Gary Larson mode) but its just not as good, IMO.

Septic isn’t derogatory, BTW. Just Leith rhyming slang viz. septic tank=yank, no worse than rub-a-dub=pub or trouble and strife=wife. Of course, if you’re the kind of guy who’d take offence at calling a Brit a limey or a whingeing pom, then I suppose that yes, I have insulted you.

Here is the history of the name:

…and maybe you should buy a couple of more rolls to try out some of the uses for the duck/duct:


Sorry for making you thirsty again…

It’s definitely “duct tape” for septics. As far as I know, “duck tape” is a brand name. B&Q has plenty of it. There may be a shortage right now because of all the dumbass Americans that have been buying it to put on their windows to help prevent terrorist attacks.

Not just for “septic tank” Yanks, but also for us Canucks. (What’s rhyming slang for Canuck, anyway? Tough luck? Cold muck? Dumbfuck? )

No, I’m American so calling a Brit a Limey doesn’t bother me at all. Don’t know what a pom is, though.

The GOP Home Shopping Network

By Al Kamen

Friday, February 21, 2003; Page A25

That most lamentable duct tape suggestion last week by a Homeland Security official – which drove countless panicked citizens out to buy the product – has been widely derided as useless and pretty crazy.

But maybe not so crazy. Turns out that nearly half – 46 percent to be precise – of the duct tape sold in this country is manufactured by a company in Avon, Ohio. And the founder of that company, that would be Jack Kahl, gave how much to the Republican National Committee and other GOP committees in the 2000 election cycle? Would that be more than $100,000?

His son, John Kahl, who became CEO after his father stepped down shortly after the election, told CNBC last week that “we’re seeing a doubling and tripling of our sales, particularly in certain metro markets and around the coasts and borders.” The plant has “gone to a 24/7 operation, which is about a 40 percent increase” over this time last year, Kahl said. The company had more than $300 million in sales in 2001.

And Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge keeps pushing the product. “You may want to have a safe shelter for four or six hours,” he told PBS’s Jim Lehrer on Wednesday, “until . . . the chemical plume moves on.” So “you may need that duct tape.”

Even if you don’t want to suffocate in a shelter, there are myriad uses for the sticky stuff. The March Consumer Reports on Health newsletter hails a new study "indicating that simply covering warts with duct tape . . . works significantly better than the common chemical freezing therapy. “It’s worth trying,” the newsletter says.

Clearly not useless. And crazy? Like a fox. Wonder who manufactures all that plastic sheeting.

Next week: Homeland Security official announces, ‘Big Macs can double as anthranx immunizations and the new X-box, unlike Sony Playstation 2, is unaffected by electromagnetic pulses caused by any nuclear explosions.’

Yeah, but what does it matter so long as I wrap up my PS2 in plastic and duct tape? They’re not tricking me that easily, nosiree. But thanks for the heads up on the Big Mac.

I have found what I assume is the ‘real’ gaff tape you are seeking Sandman… any of the music/guitar shops around town have supplies.

Is this a lost cause in Taiwan? Is there any place that sells Duct Tape?

It’s available in most hardware stores I’ve been to, those stores that sell everything from hardware, plastic buckets, kitchen ware etc., you just need to look around. There’s one here in Tianmu (Sec. 7, behind the Pizza place opposite the entrance of the “Sun Made” supermarket) that has a wide variety of colored duct-tape. I think I’ve also seen it at B&Q, but it would probably be much more expensive there …

That stuff isn’t real duct tape. I think it’s called packing tape or something. It’s useable but it’s no subsitute for proper duct tape, which you can get at Costco.

Is that the same as gaffer tape ?

Where can I get self-amalgamating tape. Other than from RS.

Duct, duck, gaffer, gaffa, etc. Yep.

Along with tape, you might want some useful reading material. But remember! Such books and tape are forbidden in Soviet Union!


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