Where do I shop for a good mattress?

I live in Kiaosiung. Does anyone know where to buy a good mattress? And what brands / shops are good quality?

Soft or hard mattress? I really hate soft ones. Wake up with a sore back.

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Bought our last one from IKEA Kaohsiung plenty of choice, can lie on them and try them out, return as well if not getting a good night sleep. Check sizes though, to ensure it fits your bed.

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Nitori also has some good choices.

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Taiwan sizes are 188 cm in length.
Ikea 200 cm.

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what’s your budget?

Have you tried building your own?

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IKEA has some odd sizes for mattresses, you have to buy your bed accessories (like covers, duvets, sheets, frames, etc. from IKEA because nothing from other vendors in Taiwan will fit IKEA exactly.

Most furniture shop will have the ability to make a custom mattress by the way.

You can probably build your own… but you will need some equipment. You can probably scrounge up box springs from the junk yard or the side of the street (make sure you remove all paddings, cover, etc. because chances are it’s full of disgusting stuff and/or bed bugs. Dispose of them properly (as in nowhere near your house). But now the big problem is adding all the necessary padding to it. Because you need some specialized equipment to make mattresses, like a really large sewing machine that mounts on tracks to sew the beads onto the mattress, as well as those pattern sewing machines to stitch fabric, padding, and underlayer together so they do not move around (though you may be able to buy them pre-made).

But you really don’t need to be doing that. Custom made mattresses is maybe 5000nt.

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You can search for 床店 Kaohsiung
Usually they have delivery service to your place and can help you pick up your old mattress

Mattress sizes (Taiwan)


Mattress sizes (IKEA)




Ikea has western size mattresses which are odd in Taiwan. But Ikea has also plenty bed covers and all you need at reasonable prices.

Taiwan mattress sizes are Feng shui related.

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soft mattress. the taiwanese mattresses are unbelievably hard.

I am willing to pay up to 36,000 NT for a mattress.

in that case, you can consider ordering a Sealy mattress from Costco.

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Derek bed https://derekbed.com/store. I see they have a branch in your valley. By far, the best life decision I have ever made was to buy this bed. You can choose your softness, return it if you don’t sleep well, and comes with a lifetime warranty. And you will get good quality sleep. Mine was about 40k.

I have thought about Costco, it’s just I am not able to try the beds out. Do you know if beds can be refunded if it doesn’t work out?

https://sleepytofu.com/ Taiwan version of Casper. Will deliver to your house obviously

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Thanks for the recommendation, I tried to fine sleepy tofu store in Kiaosiung but couldn’t find any. (I searched 眠豆腐床墊) Are there stores I can test the beds?

Not sure, it’s more like Casper. They deliver to you and if you don’t like it, can return. Why don’t u ask them

They only sell online and deliver, you can try 100 nights and if you don’t like it you can return.
Sleepy Tofu

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Thank you all for all your responses. While I was bed shopping, a clerk told me mattresses needed to be flipped and turned. Mine has never been flipped, so that is what I did and now my old mattress is bedder and the support is back!