Where Have All the Flobbers Gone?


If you like it so much over there, Ken Dryhump, well…
As my grandaddy would say, don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya.


Thanks Vladimir Treacherous. I’m fine right where I am, nestled snuggly in the crease with my flob brethren and sestras.


I’d be happy to help you suit up for a session. I’ll even tie your skates for you, just like your ol’ grandaddy used to do. We play tonight at the TuCheng Sports Complex, 3rd floor. Puck drop is 10:30, but you’ll need to get there around 8 as I imagine just putting on the gear would require some nap time.


What’s the bounce rate, time spent on site and views looking like over the same time periods? :wink:


Our bounce rate of this period is a pretty consistent 62% - so it isn’t great. This is not broken down by particular section - I recall way back in the day (10 years ago), a forum like International Politics had a bounce rate of 20%. I haven’t yet figured out how to parse this out here

In this chart below from our Google Analytics, I compare our Average Duration of each session to our peak year (2013-2014). You can see the downtrend happening in our peak year, and you can kinda discern gradual improvement in our current period

Pageviews in Discourse are a little tricky because of the Perpetual Scrolling effect. Here is what GA shows -

I haven’t been able to reconcile the Pageviews as recorded on Discourse itself. This table shows the simple analysis I did above for Logged in Pageviews - so they are naturally smaller than the GA counts because those include visitors who do not log in (refer back to that Bounce Rate). Also, these Discourse numbers may not count mobile pageviews

Overall, though, I’m happy with the unique visitor numbers, which are clearly on the upswing since we moved to a stable system. Here is what we have in GA on a weekly basis:


A little trick I tried to increase traffic was to write a promotional post here and then link that post to my facebook page and several expat-centric pages. You could see almost immediately (within a couple of hours) that the views outpaced other threads by a large margin.

So if anyone else out there is interested in helping drive traffic here, try it yourself when you write/find a post worthy of a wider audience.


And if you do that, please use the chain-link at the bottom of a post:

This way, we can track it as well (and you get a nifty badge over here when a lot of people on FB click on it)