Where is the new best place to get away from it all and live near the beach place in Taiwan?

Just curious. Am I right to think it’s still South East coast? Taidong 'n thereabouts?

Anecdotes, opinions and pictures expected. :+1:

Bali is nice, and they got some amazing bungalows out by the beach in Hsinchu

Thank you. Looks like they built up the area a bit since I was there last.

A bit too close to the big smoke for me though. I’m looking for not exactly touristy places.

Taitung, of course.
North of city.
Not Dulan. Try Dungho village and northwards.
I am not in Dulan, btw. Just think it’s mehhhh…
Nice thing about Dungho is it’s where Rte. 23 from Rift Valley comes in. So easy to get to valley, and a beautiful bike ride.

Almost no nice beach in Taitung area. Maybe some semi nice near Dulan, the drop out of existence spot for foreigners.

Look beyond the main island for living near the beach. Penghu has some of the best beaches in Taiwan.


It has the best ones for sure. It is also very isolated!

Dulan is so over-rated. Just hyped up by the media.


Agree, virtually nothing there. And most of that is closed Mon-Thurs.

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I was asking about what you guys saw in this shitty slum and people’s answers were something like “vibrant hippy community”, “art”, “best ice cream ever, said by an Italian!” (or was it pizza?).

what a load of shit. nothing vibrant at all there, a few hippies maybe and just about enough art to fill a 2 car garage at best.

Don’t understand why Lonely Planet is so keen on the place.


Because it’s written by one of the guys who replied me with those arguments.

I’ve driven through it and stopped about four times over the years . Most of the time the most exciting thing is crickets chirping. Everytime I’ve left and felt…must have missed something, where’s everybody hiding , maybe next time I’ll find where the action is ? :sunglasses:

I recall Robert Kelly (aka Mucha Man on forumosa) was a big fan of Dulan. But he’s no longer writing LP Taiwan.

There was a French guy selling ice cream or something but was never open. Then there’s a bakery selling overpriced artsinal bread. A small sugar art museum place…then nothing.

Yes, he’s the person, and I don’t think that the book gets rewritten much, but perhaps updated here and there… every once in a while.

Some “art” too.

Robert Kelly lost all credibility for me a long time ago. For a variety of reasons that I won’t get into.

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Literally your local 7-11 is more exciting than Dulan village center.

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land speculation in Dulan?? would be funny if was true

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