Where is this? {Pic Quiz: World}

Anything that could be improved, rule-wise?

10 min rule changed to 5 min? That should be enough for someone to jump in with a new guess. May move things along faster.

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I was also thinking that if a winning poster doesn’t post a new pic within X minutes, they forfeit the point they just won. But that may be a little harsh.

Think no one will like the idea of losing points…

Yeah, and people may have time constraints beyond their control.

Shall we do a 5 level game and see if that is more exciting?

Maybe if they dont post within X minutes they are no allowed to participate in the subsequent pic?


That’s a little less harsh.

Sounds fine to me.

Shall we keep it 2 hours for posting the next image?

Also fine.

The fun continues at:

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Congratulations on your well deserved victory, bovine!
Two trophies to prove how much free time you have on hands!


Muito obrigado!

Most of those points were gained at work. Shhh! :sunglasses:

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Yes, congratulations, @Dr_Milker!

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I know where you work :thinking: Hmmmm.
Anyway, Congratulations.

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Much obliged! Don’t be surprised if the next one is yours. :grin:

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Oh really? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks! Hopefully you’ll be in shipshape for the next one!