Where is this? {Pic Quiz: World}



Just wanted to say, the worse the images, the funnier the guesses. It’s a win-win situation for all parties concerned. And the wacky names of some places, hilarious. Can’t wait to post another Wales pic. :slight_smile:


Why don’t you just go ahead ånd dø tæt. That turned danske rather quickly…


the rule.


I’m here, but @geajvop can go ahead if he likes.


Let the milker speak


The Milker has spoken.


Wallonian image coming in…


internet connectivity was slowing me down

OK looking for the name of the person who used to live next door

And I can satisfy @hannes’ expectations on two counts with this one. (Thats a hint)


It’s in Wallonia and place name is funny?


In a manner of speaking, yes, if you look at the etymology of the word “Wallonia”


What the hell does that mean?!?


Catherine Zeta Jones


Means that: depending on your definition of “Wallonia” it may be true to say that it is in Wallonia


dyfalu’n dda

ond yn anffodus, peidiwch â chywir


Let’s update the leader board first (and secretly steal some of Mr. M’s spoils…)

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Let’s try this with a funny place name



Mae’n ymddangos eich bod yn chwilio yn Nwyrain Wallonia, ceisiwch chwilio yn West Wallonia


Read the following twice and am now as in the clear as before the first time.


The term “Wallonia” can mean slightly different things in different contexts. One of the three federal regions of Belgium is still constitutionally defined as the Walloon Region, but the region’s government has renamed it Wallonia, and it is commonly called Wallonia.[3][4] Preceding 1 April 2010, when the renaming came into effect, Wallonia would sometimes refer to the territory governed by the Walloon Region, whereas Walloon Region referred specifically to the government. In practice, the difference between the two terms is small and what is meant is usually clear, based on context.


Richard Burton


Ydych chi’n gwybod bod yna ddau wallonias?