Where is this? {Pic Quiz: World}





Looks like that could be it.


youd think so but there are two or three more that look the same, detail of the railings is off on all of them though


True. There seems to be some kind of extra guard rail on the right.


Wye river

Also wrong but whateva


Just cruised by Point Impossible Nudist Beach. Great name.


I was on a similar but opposite train of thought, half the place names in new south ‘wales’ are all like london bridge, killarney etc


Not many Prison names , surprisingly.:smiling_imp:


There is a place called ‘inverlough’ its like get your own residual ethnolinguistic substratum please

bunch of sheep shagging crooks


Antipodean envy?


nail on the head, it all looks so frikken nice


I saw " Sheep, shagging crooks":thinking:
Sheep-shagging ? I’ll get my coat …:speak_no_evil:
Must not offend our Antipodean bretheren


Well how it worked back in the day - apparently - was if you were ‘undesirable’ you were accused of stealing sheep and then shipped to the New South Wales. The shagging bit just thrown in there for good measure


I still ,in a very puerile way, giggle at the joke at Australian Customs…Do you have a criminal record , Sir?
To the reply, " I didn’t know it was still a requirement . Chortle.


It’s frikkin huge. I’ll give it that.


Very wild guess: the Murray River (since it’s so big).


I’m gonna go get some cookies or something. Might be a while.

That Great Ocean Road is a long and winding road (not a guess).

Kinda reminds me of this road:


Sorry, I have to sleep after midnight…


Kennet and Wye the closest so far, but it is not in Victoria


So, which picture are we guessing now?