Where is this? {Picture Quiz: Taiwan}


My pinyin skills fall apart when I get too excited.


Haha, no, I mean how did you guess it? I figured it wouldn’t be very hard because it’s big city and has bank next to a Welcome. But I thought it would take more than a minute.


I think anyone who lives in Taipei has passed by there 1,000 times. I was just a second behind!


Fine. I’m not posting anything else in Taipei.


I never leave Taipei so that’s all I post




One could start a thread “Picture Quiz: International Edition”?




But it’s so nice here! I’ll probably go somewhere next week though. Where should I go


台北中山堂 (at opposite end of courtyard) It’s a Sino-Japanese war memorial


Considering the current atmospheric conditions, I’d say anywhere but the west coast. :wink:



Darn it! I was just about to type that. I thought it was too obvious and tried to read the text. I think I found July 7th, the Marco Polo bridge incident. I knew it must be something Mainlandish.


I remembered that I’d seen it before and that it was some kind of memorial, but it took me a while to remember where it was.


Not trying to start any conspiracy theories, but I wonder if someone has a similar game going on PPT or FB where they post these pictures and run them through the human flesh search engine. If not, that would totally work.


That would never work (he says as he quietly logs onto PTT).



Another walk in the park for Milker.


I actually had to wring the brain juice, as they say in Chinese. :grin:


No. 277