Where is this? What is this? Who is this? etc. (Pic Quiz: World)



Let me try the movie theme one again…
Which movie was filmed in this building?


I knowaaa la :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


St.Pancras…many movies…
scenes from Batman, Shirley Valentine,
Bridget Jones’ Diary and Harry Potter and
the Chamber of Secrets were all shot there.


I really thought this one was going to resist the first few guesses!


hard to choose a film :smirk:

If not too much technology is involved :joy: @Dr_Milker will return soon , with his Liquid Nitrogen , to destroy me


Name of Old Classic Film made at this location. I have not google-proofed it to make it a fast one …



Brief Encounter from 1945?
(This is the Carnforth Railway Station, isn’t it?)


Correct. I used to catch a Train every Sunday , from there when I was 8 years old. Papa got quite chummy with Trevor Howard and they used to drink together and go for “drives” in the Lake District. All in a book I read about the Midland Hotel near here …He never told me when he was alive , about meeting Abbott and Costello, and a host of celebs.
Quite an emotional Film by Noel Coward. :tv:

From the book:
chubby figure of Georgy Malenko.

The Midland Guest Book entry:

‘G Malenkov, CCCP’ (Central Committee of the Communist Party)

10 – Trevor Howard

Trevor-HowardBritish film, stage and television actor. Trevor was recommended to Noel Coward who agreed that he should be ‘Alec’ in the film ‘Brief Encounter’ which was partly filmed in the local Carnforth railway station, re-named ‘Milford Junction’ for the purposes of filming. This film became one of the most popular romantic films of all time and ranks second in the British Film Institute’s Top 100 Best Films and shot Trevor Howard to fame. Staying in The Midland during the filming, he was described at that time by *****, British Rally Driver as “a nice man, keen on MGs. I had one then and we would go on drives together”.

1 – William ‘Bud’ Abbott & Lou Costello

Abbot-and-CostelloProbably the most popular comedy duo during the 1940s and 50s. Their film ‘Buck Privates’ in 1941 made them box office stars and saved Universal from imminent bankruptcy. Universal then added glitzy production numbers to Abbott and Costello’s films performing alongside music by The Andrews Sisters, Ella Fitzgerald, Martha Raye and Ted Lewis and his orchestra.

“Lou was once thrown out of the Midland at four o’clock in the morning for ‘misbehaving himself’. He was put in a taxi and drove round Morecambe looking for somewhere to stay but there wasn’t a room available. So four hours later he came back on his knees, apologised and begged to be allowed back in” (*********).

Apologies to share , but strange that I had to read in books, things that you would think a Father would mention to a Son.


It happens more commonly that you think! :joy:


Here’s an interesting one:
This is a famous person. Who is it?


John Lennon​:thinking::grinning:


No, but it’s also a singer.
Although I don’t think John Lennon would like their style… :joy_cat:


Marilyn Manson

John Lennon not liking the style :joy: who else could it be?


At least this time my post survived one guess! :joy: :tv:medium_marilyn-manson-1483996653


Looking for the name of the home principality of this character



To do that I have to know who this character is, and I have no idea…
Dr. Strange?


Not Dr Strange

And here comes Milker…



I’m in the LOS at the moment, and finding stuff on this infernal tablet is just too much of a hassle, so you guys are on your own. This is a good chance, and maybe your only chance, to beat me, so make good use of it! :grin:


Lakes of Siberia?