Where to buy a laptop?

Hello and firstly sorry for my English as it’s not my native language.
I’m planning to buy a laptop around 30000-40000 yuan, mostly to do graphic design on Photoshop and to play some video game. I’ve googled around and want to buy an Acer Predator Helios 300. So I want to ask if you guys here have any alternative suggestions and where I should buy one. I live in Yilan county and will have a trip to Taipei on Lunar New Year. Is Lunar New Year a good time to buy it because I think it’s holiday and maybe many store would have discount. Or should I buy it online?
Thank in advance.

Guanhua Technology plaza in Taipei. Where I got mine. You can bargain. They will also usually give you a better price if you pay cash.


54000 NTD vs. 34000 NTD with better specs.

You do the math.

If you can afford to wait a week for shipping, ALWAYS buy your computer outside of Taiwan.

In Taiwan:
Outside Taiwan:


Agreed - I always order my laptops from the US.

Taiwan has 0% import tax on computers, so you only need to add the 5% VAT.


Thanks for your reply. I could buy it online but I’m worry about warranty condition. If I order it from US how can I send it to warranty if it has issue?

And I’m not familiar with ordering online from Amazon since my address here in Taiwan is not clear. Can you guys suggest any service that could help me order it to Taiwan then ship it to my address or 7-11 store?

The warranty is the standard 2 year warranty from Acer. You would have to ship it to Acer USA or Canada for repairs. But there are many good inexpensive repair places here in Taiwan.

Buying from Amazon is simple. Just use your Taiwan address and any credit card pretty much.

If you don’t know the English translation of your address, ask a local friend or coworker to translate it for you.

I believe addresses are usually in this order: Floor, Number, Lane, Road/Street, District, City, Zip, Taiwan.

If you can’t ship to your place of residence for whatever reason, try shipping it to where you work.

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Thank you so much for your very informative reply. I’ll try to get it from Amazon. And I have just found this after searched up a bit https://m.ruten.com.tw/goods/show.php?g=21831414144474
Do you think it’s good to use their service?

Simple way to get english address is to put your chinese address to google map and it will automatically translate it to english (if your google is on english).

If you going to buy them here then visit guanghua. There are several sites for US to shop around - not only Amazon. I usually wait for special occasions tho like Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, etc. for sale price…

I run into the problem of the system not allowing me to use the format of my APRC (two letters). Can I just skip the part about “ID Number”?

It says: Packages will not clear customs without the recipient’s valid ID Number. We do not use this information for any other purpose other than customs clearance.
Please enter the 10 character ID Number of the recipient. It consists of 1 alphabet and 9 numeric digits.

That is odd. I have never been asked for that and I order from Amazon all the time.

It’s part of the “Edit Address” page. First saw it when I added my Taiwan address. It allowed me to add the address and use it as my default, but I’ve yet to order anything to test it out.

I think you can skip it anyway. I leave it blank and it doesn’t give me any error.

That’s my problem. Searched my address on google map and it’s not correct. House’s number and lane are wrong. This is my first time buying from Taiwan, I don’t want to risk big amount of money with my fail address.

I did too, and with no error. However, have you tried ordering anything and have it sent here? I’ve yet to test it out.

@SuiGeneris has, but since he’s done it for a long time, I think that information wasn’t needed when he first set it up. Might just be a new “feature”?

I’ve yet order anything. This is my first time buying from Taiwan and it’s a laptop - a kinda big amount of money to me, so I dont want to risk if everything is not clear.

Some manufacturers allow you to transfer warranties, so check into that.

I did that with my Dell, as long as they sell the same model, you can transfer it over to any supported country.

Ok. How about sending it to your work place?

I used my work place address to send items since no one will be at home to collect. Will that be a better option?

ASUS Laptops tend to have a two year warranty and first year accidental warranty. It’s global as well.

Asus is the way to go. The asus pro is amazing. I love mine.

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