Where to Buy Good N95/N99 face masks in Taipei

What are the best/cheapest places in Taipei to buy good N95 or N99 face masks? Should be Taiwanese production or anything else but mainland China. Thanks!

Have you been to 特力屋?

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Thank you, not yet. First asking :grinning:

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That’s where I bought mine. I bought 10. Saving for a rainy day. They’re 3M.

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Hospital grade ones are close to the hospitals, especially the ones that have schools attached to them. Try Cheng Kung Hospital.

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Thank you. Do you remember how much you paid for 10 or 1 because I do not seem to be able to find them on their website (at least when looking for “3M 口罩”)? Thanks

120 masks
$200 USD
About $1.60 a mask. (50NT ish)
In stock. Free shipping.
Based in Singapore and Los Angeles.


Damn that’s cheap. I bought 5 3M N95 masks for 50 euros here in Italy.

70 to 120 NTD for one here in Taipei.

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Looks pretty cool.


anyone order from these guys? I looked into them a few months ago - they don’t seem legit.

Optimus Prime, duh


My wife just stopped by B&Q and took these photos:

More expensive than what you’ll find online, but at least you can be pretty certain they are legitimate.

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Better get NIOSH approved ones, and don’t get the ones with valves – they don’t protect others.

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As this is Taiwan, not the United States, they do not care about NIOSH here

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“While the valve does not compromise the protection of the wearer, it can decrease protection of persons surrounding the wearer.”

Wear a regular surgical mask underneath and you will be protecting yourself extremely well, and others just as well as you are required to do by law. Plus, from experience I can tell you that you get a much better air tight fit with a surgical mask underneath and you don’t end up with marks on your face from the hard N95 mask edges. For me, wearing an N95 in Taiwan isn’t about protecting yourself from COVID, it’s about protecting yourself from all the idiots on the metro pulling down their mask when they want to sneeze or cough, and the kids touching their masks every six seconds. Plus, surgical masks are never tight enough to stay on my face when I talk. Someone told me it is because the masks sold in Taiwan are made for Asian noses but I don’t know if that’s true. My Taiwanese colleagues don’t have issues keeping their masks on when they talk so maybe… I hate getting sick, and during winter in Taipei, I always do. I don’t care if anyone looks at me weird wearing an N95 mask, if they ask I’ll tell them how it is…

Eh none of those are suitable to protect you from COVID. And the ones with valves are harmful to others if you got COVID.

They even write it in small print in the back I think. Ir you can search the 3m website for more info on each model.

Again, those are sold there because they have specific use in protecting you from dust, fumes, bigger particles.

Eh, not quite right.

A standard or industrial n95 has the same filtration capabilities as a surgical n95; it’s the “95” portion of the NIOSH standard that specifies the filtration capability (95% of airborne particles). a n99 would have better filtration (99%), and n100 better than that (99.97%).

The main difference between the standard and surgical is that the surgical one is fluid resistant. Think a blood squirt during surgery. :nauseated_face:

The n is non resistant to oil btw - there’s also an r95, p95, etc where the r is oil resistant and the p is oil proof.


And our Covid pal travels in water droplets. As any good handyman says: use the right tools for each job.