Where to buy Taipei All Pass

I want to buy the Taipei All Pass – the monthly pass that you can use for MRT, bus and Ubike in Taipei and New Taipei – which I have been using for years. Until last month, my daily commute included MRT but now I use exclusively buses and I don’t go near MRT stations that frequently anymore.

Is there anywhere else I can the Taipei All Pass other than the MRT stations?

You go to an add value machine at any MRT station, add at least 1280nt to your card, then there’s a big button to purchase the all pass ticket. You must have at least 1280 on your card to set it.

If in doubt ask the service desk to do it for you.

Edit: I’m not aware of a way to do this outside of the MRT station…

Thanks, but read my question again.


  1. 持可設定定期票之悠遊卡至臺北捷運車站詢問處購買或在車
    站自動售票加值機上操作設定。另使用 Samsung Pay 悠遊卡
    者亦可於 Samsung Pay App 購買。
  2. 使用悠遊付在悠遊卡公司授權之 APP 線上購買。

It looks like there’s an app for the easy card that you can use to buy the 1280 ticket.

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No, Non, 不行,Nada, No, อย่า, 하지 마라

Maybe the app. Thats it.

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You forgot the most apt one: 沒辦法

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Sorry @RickRoll

If you’re a Sansianian, Linkounian or a resident in a district with no MRT, you almost certainly have to take the bus to get to the mrt to buy one. I have never tried the app, hopefully it works.


ubike is included??? I thought it was just bus and mrt.

I feel stupid.

It’s free ubike for 30 minutes at a time, you can keep renewing the free 30 minutes indefinitely assuming you respect the 15 minute cooldown.


Old school.

No mrt where he lives.

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Yah, that’s old school.

Yeah, new neighborhood in old Sanxia.
It’s the new old!

The only way to buy the all pass ticket is either at the MRT station, or use the easy card app.

The app allows you to set it by using your phone as an add value machine.

Edit: You must use the so called “super card” thing to do this with your phone… I’ll have to find out this at a MRT station on how to change mine to that.

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I downloaded and tried the app.
It can be used to track and follow the usage of your Easy Card but not to recharge, unless you have a SuperCard.

SuperCard is a special kind of Easy Card that can be used together with the app as a eWallet.
It costs NTD180 and can be purchased at Momo.

I’m still thinking if it’s worthy to buy it or not… :ponder:

Yea I asked the MRT station about the so called supercard and they don’t know anything about it.

Edit: I’m buying one… But since you asked about being able to buy all pass outside of the MRT station, this appears to be the only way to do it.

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Why are you buying one?
What advantages do you see in that?

It’s mostly because you can use your phone to add value to the card, and it can be directly debited from your bank account rather than having to use cash, stand in line, etc.

Really useful if you need to add 100nt because you have -10nt on your card and needs to take a bus now, and going to a convenience store to do it right when the bus is about to come means you will miss the bus.

It’s also the only way to buy the all pass ticket outside of the MRT station.

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If you have a credit card with built-in Easy Card function, you get this too.

Yeah, that seems to be true. If I buy one that will be the reason.

I don’t have a credit card with easy card function