Where to find Ajvar / Аjвар / Айвар? (croatian/serbian)

I know I could make it myself:

But any chance any shop in the Taipei area is carrying eastern-european stuff like this? (ex-yugoslavian, serbian, croatian, bosnian, macedonian, montenegrino… slovenian, romanian, bulgarian… maybe even russian or turkish might have it)

This stuff would come in very handy, as it not only tastes great with fresh bread, but also is very nice with the various delicious (as far as I know serbian) meat dishes like Pljeskavica (пљескавица), Ćevapčići, etc.

Any news on this one?

I found some Turkish Paprika paste in neihu Carrefour a while ago, which served as a so-so Ersatz… But real deal, anyone?

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Stuff like that is hard to find. Need to make it by yourself.
I will ask my mother about Айвар.

I miss this one

And a good mustard. Strong and spicy not the sweet stuff hat you can buy in the malls.

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Thanks a lot! I was thinking about homemade of course, but getting suitable peppers might be challenging…

For mustard, indeed hard. Also some old Forumosa thread about that. Closest I found was Dijon mustard, but still more sour than hot. Long gone seem the days that City Super stocked extra hot Löwensenf :frowning:

This Khrenovina sauce sounds good with dumplings :thinking:

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