Where to get electrolyte tablets?

I absolutely agree that it’s much convenient to have small packets that you can take on rides and just throw in your regular cycling bottles. Also, you can regulate the amount of powder so you have a more hypo or hypertonic drink.
I’ll keep trying on other baby stores or sports equipment ones.
I’ve seen Nuun tablets or the no sugar Japanese ion supply sachets online, but the prices are so inflated (compared to buying in the US or Japan).

I used to use potassium as well but does anyone know where I can find it ? limited chinese n my local carrefour doesn’t seem to carry it.

These arent good, sttill incredibly sweet! In a pinch i will go for these over the premade plastic/aluminim packaged versions. Still beats an emergency room visit!

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I bought this from iherb for fasting and hiking. I’m going to try it out tomorrow.


Isn’t most cycling stuff made in taiwan, generally speaking? Seems odd to buy it from the UK of all places

TW seems to have evaded massive e-commerce websites, even domestic ones in that case!

Are they any good?

The Pocari ones? Not that good, but in the pinch 711 sells them.

Bicycles are mostly made in Taiwan, but I would take a guess and say that not all sports supplements are.

Many of the bikes that you see on the road are most likely made here in Taiwan, but many of them get produced in Taiwan, shipped out to overseas warehouse and then shipped back to distributors/stores/customers.

Surely now with our decades of observation in pollution, centuries of experience with logistics, and technology to go interplanetary, we wouldnt dare do something so intentionally harmful?

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