Where to meet a girlfriend?

Professional assistance just means they give you a few pills, and if it doesn’t work they try different pills.

Nobody will really try to “fix” you, professionals included.

Seek other professionals

You know there is the Truth
There is the perception of the Truth

There is Reality
There is perception of Reality

I always take the lesser of the two evils

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Great places to meet girls can include church. Also, if you follow the rules and also pray for a girlfriend and she doesn’t miraculously show up, why not consider a different religion? Try meeting girls at the temple! Or become a Muslim and it is practically the community’s responsibility to find you a vehicle for procreation!

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Or they’re just as likely to ignore you… or tell you that there’s 72 of them waiting for you in heaven.

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Only if you have no redeeming qualities whatsoever will the entire Muslim world do these things.

I hear it’s easy to get laid in cults. A lot of them even use sex as a lure to attract new members. You may have to share your new girlfriend with the cult leader though.

Careful with cults though… some have child sex which is highly illegal (as it should be).

And most cults are really psychologically damaging. Not to mention they engage in destructive stuff.

You’re really better off going to a brothel.

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Not to mention drinking the Kool-Aid can be a bit of a crap shoot.


There was a time in Taiwan when you could go to the MRT station for some fishy flirting thanks to the Family of God. Those days are behind us. sigh

You are unique but we are all unique
You are different but we are all different

Your life is different but
All our lives are different

99pct of the world doesn’t like you ?
I see that as an opportunity because do you need more than one percent to like you ?

You want to earn their love
Why not let them earn your love

Perhaps in your difference you are in fact more of a same than you care to accept

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Wikipedia took me down quite a rabbit hole there.

Has Taiwan changed from the early 2000s? Was so easy in that time to have fun.

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1% of 7 billion = 70,000,000
Only a few celebrities have that many fans… :laughing:


The trick is you’ll probably never meet them

Still lots of those guys around in Taipei.

I know, right, but sometimes they get the mix just perfect!


Long as it’s not the Jones town kool aid