Where's my Apple Sidra (Returned to Shelves)

Apple Sidre seemed to Vanish. According to Wikipedia a few years ago it was contaminated and I think I saw a news report recently.
I’m sorry but it’s the best flavor that will solo there is and I’ve been drinking it for more than 25 years.
Are they going to come back or get back together.
It really beats minute maid.


7-Eleven has apple Slurpee now. Perhaps the contaminated leftovers are being used this summer.


Be grateful the FDA and the society is actually doing anything now :slight_smile:

To be fair their branding only said chemical free, never said anything about biological contamination free. Perhaps a lack of character space in MS Word 2003 formatting?


Holy crap, they had actual fines: Apple Sidra producer faces potential NT$200M fine │Taiwan│NewTaipei│Taoyuan│TVBS新聞網

Holy crap, I remember when I used to complain to my family and friends until their becameears numb about the lack of sanitation here in Taiwan with the washing of the dishes on the side of the road and the street level pots boiling and frying things.
Don’t know after being subjected to the biological hazards of Taiwan I think I’ve had a stronger gut than have been less sick. In fact my family told me it was too concerned about food safety back then.
Whatever I hope the Sidra comes back.
I’ve been trying to drink the minimates stuff but it’s just not the same there is something in sidre that has magical notes.
Perhaps it is the biologics. It honestly tastes like drinking fresh Apple carbonated from a can or bottle.
Hey hey hey , anyone remember when rcrt was warning us not to eat salads and to cook our food. I remember when my mother-in-law found a head of lettuce in the refrigerator and she cooked it for me…
Times have changed

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I don’t know.

As far as I know it all got recalled and they never sold it again. I never really liked it though, it had a chemical taste. In Germany they have apple soda that is made of real apple juice without any artificial food coloring (food safety laws in EU is extremely strict, so strict that you can basically eat raw pork there), and those taste great. I should add those have NO added sugar either, it’s basically 60% concentration of apple juice, no sugar, and carbonated. Not too sweet.

I wish I could get those.

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I just switched to beer instead.


One reason people drank a lot of beer in historical times is because it doesn’t make anyone sick since alcohol killed anything harmful. That and watered down beer keeps for months whereas water doesn’t keep long.


T_L, you’re just a walking Wikipedia


Undiluted beer keeps even longer.


I read in the news maybe a year ago that the company was planning to stop selling it. Did that already happen? If so, it must have happened in the last month or two.

Edit: It looks like it happened prematurely. They got recalled for safety issues a few months ago, and haven’t returned to shelves yet. They may not ever, if they were already planning to stop selling it.

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Pretty sure that’s a myth. An alcohol concentration of <10% isn’t killing much of anything, and it’s probably more about the heating/boiling of the mash during brewing and maybe a possible contribution from antibacterial compounds produced by the added yeast.

See here, for example:

Water has always been the stuff of life. Access to good sources of clean water was prized and throughout history great efforts were undertaken to supply people with water not only for drinking but for washing, sewerage, firefighting and so on. People in the Middle Ages clearly understood that not all water was safe to drink. It was common knowledge that obtaining water from marshy areas or places of standing water was to be avoided. They also knew that, when making ale or beer, the boiling of the mash during the brewing process usefully killed any harmful bacteria in the water. Moreover, the mash gains nutrients from the barley and other ingredients, and the microorganisms can also produce vitamins as they ferment. For many people, therefore, the drinking of ale or beer was an excellent nutritional supplement.

So, it is true that people in Mediæval Europe drank large quantities of ale or beer during the day [5], but not necessarily for inebriation or because the water was unfit to drink. Rather beer drinking provided daily sustenance. Of course, where a water source was polluted, then it made perfect sense to consume ale or beer. But if water could be drawn from a good source, then people would commonly drink it. The myth it seems reveals more about our misunderstanding of the past.


It’s so nice that TL has you doing all of his online research for him, so he doesn’t have to spend time doing it himself.


I know right. I’m sure it won’t be read anyway and this’ll come up again a couple of weeks from now when he repeats the same thing. :man_shrugging:


And hops. Wonder if hopping up the apple cidre would help with the company’s dilemma.


Yeah, true, didn’t think of that.

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the apfelsaft gespritzt (apfelsaftschorle if ur a weirdo prussian) are pretty good but usually I’ll sacrifice my body to the extra 1-2g of sugar and go for the best low sugar carbonated drink option: almdudler. I drink sugary shit like that so rarely that i feel it’s worth it. If they had almdudler here I’d be so damn happy. It is unfortunately basically exclusively limited to central europe. :frowning:

Not in your fridge :upside_down_face:


They called it, small beer according to Wikipedia. That sounds good I’d like a little diluted apple cider with alcohol please.
That soda apple sidre was supposedly made from apple juice and no artificial ingredients…
It had a very nice unique fresh taste of Apple but perhaps that’s the effect of the bacteria…
Several months ago I was watching a news show that had a story about it. There were people inside the production room looking at one of the vats, a big glass vat, and they were talking about what may have been growing in there. But my Chinese, though I’ve been here so long, is bad…
Someone should just buy the name and the recipe already, maybe Pepsi or Coke. They’re already bought out most of the good Taiwan brands anyway…
Poco anybody?
Apple Sidre gave me the classic “Bliss Point” with every sip.


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