Which Bank in TW charges you less ATM fee for foreign card withdrawals?

Which Bank in TW charges you less ATM fee for foreign card withdrawals?

They’re pretty much all the same.

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I have used Fubon and Bank of Taiwan. And I believe Bank of Taiwan charges you more because they are a big brand in the country.

all banks are not the same, such as CTBC (China Trust) has ATM fee of $100 and some other banks have ATM fees for non local ATM cards, while other banks have no fees (like Kaoshuing Bank has no fees for my Euro/Japan cards)

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Really? Kaohsiung Bank doesn´t charge anything for withdrawing money from your foreign card? Lucky you.

There a lot of bank brands in Taiwan, that´s why I think this post would be useful.

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He’s talking about foreign cards.

Some tourists allege that Taiwan Cooperative Bank doesn’t charge international cardholders an ATM fee. In Taiwan, the average ATM cost is NT$100 per transaction.

They’re not the same. Some (e.g., CTBC) charge for foreign ATM withdrawals, and others (e.g., Cathay) don’t.

I’ve never paid an ATM fee in Taiwan despite using foreign cards (Mastercard and Unionpay) almost exclusively. They’re not that difficult to avoid.


The maximum withdrawal amount is also a parameter.
When I arrived here my closest convenient ATM was charging 100 NTD and the maximum withdrawal amount was 10.000.
A few month later they changed it to 5000…

I’d say there are more banks out there that do not charge an ATM fee than those that do. Don’t withdraw from ATMs in convenience stores. They usually charge a fee. Cathay United ATMs are in almost all MRT stations, and they do not charge fees.

For what banks is this an issue? I think the ATM limits here are usually considerably higher than typical card limits for UK banks (300 GBP in my case). I haven’t found any with ATM limits as low as 5 or 10k.

I am sorry, I do not remember really. This was 3 years ago and I have stopped using my foreign card since. It was in a Family Mart ATM. I think that it was Taishin.
The card was from N26.

Are you sure it’s the bank that owns the ATM setting the limit? The per withdrawal limit for 3rd party banks has been 20,000 NTD at every ATM I have used. Your bank might have a lower daily limit than what the ATM allows. For example, the daily limit for Fidelity is around 550 USD, and credit unions (in the US) usually have lower limits.

I agree.

I think that’s determined by the bank rather than whether the ATM is in a convenience store? IIRC, Cathay ATMs inside convenience stores don’t charge either.

To be honest, I do not know. I was just pointing out that the maximum amount per withdrawal should be taken into account when making this kind of comparison.
Also, I am not talking about daily limits but limits per transaction.

Here is what I can remember:

Banks that don’t charge an ATM fee:
Cathay United
Far Eastern
Huan Nan
(and many other)

Banks that charge an ATM fee:
China Trust

Yes, the Cathay ATM that I use does not charge a fee. Though my Bank in OZ charges me for any transaction that originates overseas.

Yes, and I am too, my card from Japan is foreign card. So I avoid China Trust as I do not want pay the $100 fee.