Which bars should I hit in Taipei?

Hello Forumosa,

New here.

Will be in Taiwan this summer. Looking for places to hang out in Taipei. Seems there isn’t really any active discussion of this topic here so maybe I have the wrong place, but hopefully not.

Google has taught me that On Tap looks like a decent spot. Beer Geek looks interesting too. The reviews of Carnegie’s seem mostly positive mixed with a bit of extreme hatred for waiguo nanren mixed in. (So I’m guessing it’s a similar vibe to Big Bamboo in Shanghai?)

Not really interested in clubbing… just looking for a place I can have a beer and speak English to relax after a day of speaking Mandarin.

Are these 3 good places to start or am I overlooking better options?

All advice/recommendations appreciated. (Including for Tainan and Kaohsiung bars… looking like I’ll at least visit those cities too)


Maybe add in Speakeasy to those three.

Depending on your age and interest in hookers, you might want to put Carnegie’s in the “Maybe” file.

If you just want to meet foreigners and speak English, Revolver is absolutely the most packed out of all the bars in Taipei.

While I’m far from a Carnegie’s apologist, that’s kind of a rote dismissal. As far as a new cat in town is concerned, Carnage is a rite of passage. Everybody should go at least once. The food is quite good. Had a killer fillet a couple of weeks back.

Add to list:

  • Bobwundaye
  • Teabar
  • Beer & Cheese (is it still open? Dunno)
  • Roxy Rocker
  • Numerous LBGT-friendly establishments behind the Red Theater in Ximen
  • “Secret” bar inside Relax (on Lane 63, Dunhua S. Rd., Sec. 2)*
  • Rev-Now
  • 45

*There’s another bar called Relax on Anhe Rd., not far away; also friendly to all comers

Beer and Cheese is closed.

Carnegies during the day is fine, but at night it does attract pros and semi-pros. Has the crowd gotten younger?

Add the word “old” on Carnegie’s hooker’s. It’s really the only bar in Taipei where they are just standing around looking for business. Old and only a few.

But the foreigners that hang out at Carnegie’s are mostly professionals whereas Revolver is mostly teachers and students.

Did anyone mention Brass Monkey.

And I’ve noticed the few bars in old combat zone have a lot of foreigners of all types including wives and wives night out.

Triangle is crowded with foreigners some nights.


There is a new micro pub in ximenting at Hotel Papa Whale behind theater street.

酒肆西門 Ximen Beer Bar near theaters.

Lots of small places around.

Taipei has no walking street or area for bar hopping. It sucks in that regard. Well, there is the gay bars area in ximenting.

Didn’t they move to Keelung road across from night market between xinyi and heping?

I didn’t hear about that; their FB just says closed:

Yes but they closed that location as well recently. The owners are brewers and wanted to focus more on brewing.

I think it would help us if you give us your age group and budget range. Are you looking for a a pub like bar or a bar that’s mostly mixed drinks. Are you looking for females or just a drink by yourself or maybing where it’s easy to make friends

That didn’t last long in the new location…

Ah, that’s too bad, I didn’t even get a chance to visit their new location. I hear it was a great place to chill.

Zhang Men Brewery’s locations are good places to grab a locally brewed beer. Lots of it is seasonal and everything is on tap!

I dunno if I can concur about the “old” aspect of the pros at night. Was there on a Friday late night (within the last month) and there were at least a dozen prowlers under 30. Nice ones, too. For the oldies you gotta roll up in the alleys near Longshan Temple or the “barbershops” near Taipei Main. But suppose that’s not what this is about.

I can concur about a vague revival of Combat Zone bars. Of course, Malibu West or whatever the fuck it’s called is still kickin’. Further west down that lane (32) are a few places you want to avoid, like, stay the fuck away unless you got business there, i.e. Chatter’s Pub, Farmhouse, My Place. Anyway, I was surprised to see B-52 was more or less jumpin’ about a month back.

The Maji food court at Yuanshan has a few watering hole type joints. Loads of English-speaking up there.

It consistently confounds that there really isn’t a bar scene in Tianmu. I’ve rationalized it in many ways. There is a cool lil funky joint within the Shilin Night Market - the owner (I believe) speaks fluent English.

Went into the Brass Monkey at Xinyi Warner the other night and was reminded why any BM establishment would never be on a personal list of bars to visit. You can smoke outside, that’s a plus. The staff there really seems to care - about not giving a fuck. Otherwise, I can find the same sort of indifferent scorn standing outside any 7-Eleven.

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The Hammer near Dingxi station in Yonghe is a nice spot for such.

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I think this might answer your question…

OP is just looking for a bar where he can have a chat in English.

Gordon Biersch in Xinyi.

Taipei train station needs a pub.

Is there even one true Irish pub in Taipei since Shannon closed? A city without an Irish pub, that says a lot.

Go to Revolver for casual beers and conversations with expats and locals of all ages in a British pub environment. Met many great people here (including my gf).

Go to Hodala for a wide selection of draft beers and friendly staff.

Go to Fucking Place if you’re an artist/hipster/general cool dude and want to hang out with like-minded people. Mostly Taiwanese go here.

Go to Bar 23, a new bar opened by Americans, for beers, events, and international crowd.

These are the ones that I go to. Some of the other ones mentioned, like On Tap and Carnegie’s, are, for a lack of a better word, shit.

Shit is kind of strong for On Tap. The layout is nice, but the crowd does get fratty and the ratios are bad for meeting women.

Still, could be worse.

Went to Hodala (Zhang Men brewery) off Yong Kang street a few weeks back. Paid NT $ 380 for a beer. That’s 10 quid! James Joyce bar is a good place to hang out. A bit small, but in a lively area in Gong Guan night market.