Which phone company to go with?

Looking for a 1 year contract and do not need a new phone.
Which company has the best coverage?
And which company is the cheapest?

I assume you’re talking cellular, and not land line, yes?

Ya cell phone

You should mention what you expect.

Unlimited mobile internet? Or are a few GBs enough?
How often do you intend to make calls.

Contracts have different tariffs. Depends on your use case.

FET has 30 months contract unlimited data 4G speed at 450 ntd/month

Ya should have added more info. I am looking for unlimited data
I’d like to make calls overseas but I was told that if I’m on WiFi that it’s free if I use LINE. If that is not correct please let me know. And if that is the case, isn’t there free WiFi in Taipei? I tried getting on it with my current foreign phone but it would not work.

Thanks, that’s super cheap.
Any idea if they do 12 month contracts?

Is it a new phone number? Used to be you had to sign a 2 year contract with a deposit if youre foreign.

I use chunghua because it has more coverage in remote areas than others. I think i pay 500 a month and have unlimited internet.

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Wow hope it is still not that long of a contract, I can’t commit to that long right now.
I’ll check it out though that’s super cheap

I signed a contract ONCE with FET and I never would with another telecom again. Everything went fine, I just didn’t need near as much internet as I thought I would. I’m on dageda prepaid now and I sign up for their 1.2GB plan for $16? per month. You can renew it early if you use it up, but in 4 years I have only a few times. There’s also a 2.? GB plan. You can buy load/top up/credits at 7-11. Unless you don’t have wifi at home or you’re away from wifi a lot you may not need to sign a multi-year contract for unlimited 4G.

It is if the person you want to speak with is also on Line. Otherwise, you can use FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Telegram, Signal or whatever is used where you’re from. As far as I know, none are blocked on public wifi.

The offer is 30 months only, don’t know if they have similar for 12 months

$16/month?? Which company is fet? Thats insane.

$16?/month, meaning I don’t remember the last number. $169, $165, something like that. And that was dageda, I think Myphone in English but I could only remember dageda when I wrote it.

Fareastone has unlimited internet for $499NT per month on a 2 year contract with no phone; a 1 year contract is $599NT.

They still require a deposit due to foreigner status which you can argue against seeing as they’re not supposed to do that anymore. However, it’s still a good deal.

I think the big the providers (Chunghwa, TWM, and FET) all have such deals nowadays. I was with TWM but switched to FET because the deal was $100NT cheaper each month.

Below is a link regarding coverage although it’s from 2017. AFAIK, the big three providers all have great coverage so no need to worry unless you’re living on top of Jade Mountain.


My experience:

Previously used 台灣大哥大 for 1000 a month, unlimited internet, quick speeds and good coverage basically everywhere (ie, even on hikes). The 1000/month was using the temporary SIM-card from the airport; I believe you can get cheaper packages with them if you go to their non-airport stores (as others have said, you may need a co-signer).

I am currently using 台灣之星, 699/month for unlimited internet. Bad choice, coverage is poor outside of the highly urban areas, and even spotty in the cities. Since switching and discussing with coworkers/friends, I’ve been told they have a reputation as being the worst of the major service providers. Avoid.

T-Star is 389 nt a month, unlimited data for a 12-month contract, if you are student < 25 years old, you can get it for 289 nt.

Yatai 4G
1 year contract, no cellphone. 296 nt$. But they don’t have the best coverage, for city life more than enough though. Speed restricted to 21mb/s (which is fine for most stuff).
LINE call, even video is always free. Doesn’t need WiFi coverage.
And yes, 21 mb/s ist enough for stable connections.

Compare to t-star yatai 4g doesn’t need a guaranteed. However they require an arc and a second ID like NHI card

Great thanks. So I am overthinking the coverage then. As you said the big 3 shouldn’t have much if any issues with coverage in Taiwan.

Thanks so much for the input. Could you translate the Chinese characters for me so I know what companies those are?

I had the same deal with YaTai as you.
They demanded a $2400 deposit though, which you can get back at contract expiry.

$288 unlimited 21mbps speed. Their network is kinda crap though so just cancelled last week and went with FET for $499 unlimited on a better network