Whinging about modding...sigh...again

Splits my thread from a legit location of male bashing by the media. The writer is part of the media and bashes males for cat calling, which is fine. If you don’t want that, i get it, i’m sure it’s annoying for many. But complains about the lack of cat calling after is ridiculous and blaming it on our culture.

My title was changed, my links to two of her article was removed, and the thread is close after as well. This is the worst use of modding i’ve seen when it doesn’t violate any rules and is a perfectly legit discussion with legit news links that are now removed and censored. A complete censorship of an open discussion.




I’ve been denouncing this for years…

First they came after the masalas, but I wasn’t a masala…


Feel free to make a coherent argument. It’s at best valueless, and very offensive in the suggestion that complaints of women about being catcalled, flashed etc. are for some unnamed reason worthy of ridicule.

Are you this much of a crybaby in the ring? Because damn…

I can’t because you censored me by removing my links, moving and splitting threads as you please, changing my title to no point and still no point, and then closing it…That’s my entire point. You and I can disagree as poster, but you stepped in as a mod to remove my ability to discuses something you disagree with.

FYI, i’m not making fun of her complaining about sexual harassment like flashing. I’m sure we have different opinions on what is defined as sexual harassment but that’s besides the point. It’s the stupid complaint that she blames her want for more cat calling towards her after and blames it on “culture” instead of maybe what she actually wants.


What does this mean?

I got a similar comment from a mod when I was suspended for the month of April (I can only assume the mod suspended me afterward). I have no idea if this means “shut the hell up” or “give us an argument” or “go ahead and post more, but I’m deleting/temping it all” or ???

This is like deja vu all over again.


Make a point that goes beyond simply pasting articles that I have to read and find out there’s nothing there.


it’s not the first article that is the problem.
we all can agree on women getting catcalled.
My wife, Taiwanese, had all that too happen to her in Taiwan growing up.
it’s the second article complaining about harking back to those good ole times, for lack of a proper description. she’s a nutjob.


She wasn’t “complaining”. I know people can’t speak honestly about anything anymore, but that’s ridiculous.

I guess that if you never got a chance to read his links you’ll never know. At least one of them seems to be missing now.

Starting to like Andrew ha

Do it in the thread if you want, my patience for changing titles of threads in Temp is zero. But make a coherent point.

Many other’s did find something there. You are free to say there is nothing there, but you took it to using modding to express your opinion which I disagree with. We agree somethings and we disagree often. But we always done it openly without you stepping in as a mod to censor me when I didn’t violate any rules. It’s not right and I have to believe you know it.


Sorry, bit of an issue with the way Discourse handles edit revisions

I disagree.

I agree, but you made my thread called “no point” Is that fair, you could simply say that in the thread. You kill the discussion when you decided to make that the title to make your opinion over mine using your ability as a mod.

Do you think it’s fair you can just split threads you disagree with and call it “no point” to disagree?


@Andrew0409’s links are like drudgereport for me


Strike strike strike everyone over 2 Taiwanasia, Taiwanease, Taiwaneasy…nevermind


I have no issues with people disagreeing with me. God knows i’ve disagreed with all of you in heated debates more than once, some certainly more than others. I’m not offended by different points of views, and yes, I am wrong more times then I like.

But this isn’t about me being right or wrong. This is about you using your modding to split my thread and name it “no point” and say I can’t change it to a more relevant title. This is about my link being removed, my thread being closed, all because you disagree. It’s censorship of a different opinion when i’ve not broken any rules that requires these modding to happen.



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