White girls that don't speak Chinese...is dating impossible?


I’ve been in Taiwan over a year and it’s definitely been a interesting experience. I do find Taiwanese men attractive but I am starting to think my lack of Chinese makes it an impossible task to get a boyfriend here. I don’t want to give up on Taiwan, I love my job here, but for anything serious, it is a bit of a difficult place to be.


Many locals do speak English. Definitely possible. You might have to be the one who initiate in showing interest


I have a student whose dream is to date a white girl. He’s about 20 years old, and has never been on a date. His English is pretty good. Want him to PM you?


Wutlol. Is he blue chip?

All jokes aside… I’m wondering if tinder’s a thing there. Despite its reputation I do know a few people who’ve found legitimate relationships off that app.


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Do you prefer to speak in Mandarin instead of English?

Whether it’s man or women, most of the locals (living in Taipei) their 20s and 30s (assuming you are searching in that age category) have a pretty good command of English.

Most of them understand every word you’re saying, but have a tough time speaking it. They could be a bit embarrassed that they have an accent and you may not be able to understand them because of it.

My advice is, be patient. I’m sure there’s plenty of local guys out there that would be interested in a white girl. Learn a bit of conversational Chinese, so you can use both during dates. Also, don’t be afraid to make the first move or start the conversation, if you’re looking for a local local guy that hasn’t had experience with foreign women, he will be shy.


He might be a bit young. I am 28.


Tinder is interesting here. Needless to say Taiwan has definitely embraced hook up culture.


i would think taiwanese would disagree with that. almost every girl on dating apps has ‘not looking for a ons’ on their profile or something similar.

although they say one thing and do another…

personally i don’t think they have embraced anything, i think sex has always been a big part of chinese culture.


Tinder isn’t just for hookups. I’ve known couples that met on there. Nothing wrong with tinder. Sometimes it’s just really hard to go out and try to meet people. Saves a lot of time.


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But back to the OP. I would say dating is definitely possible. Maybe give tinder a try. It is free and I think it’s not that hard to figure out if a guy only wants sex.


Check out the indirect dating scene known as language exchange. You’ll meet hundreds of men willing to date you.


Agreed. You can be short, you can be bald, you can be fat, and you can be broke, BUT NOT ALL OF THEM… work with what you’ve got. Healthy is sexy. Inside and out.


Interesting. This appears to be a complete vacuum of information that can help the OP. She might no longer be here I suspect. But maybe she needs more middle aged white and ABC dudes to chime in about how cool they are and stuff.

Or perhaps it’s time for Forumosa’s large community of white (and other non-Chinese) women to speak out about their experiences. Of course, progressives too are allowed.

I’ll start: I’m a white middle aged male and I have no idea.


Why is it that there aren’t that many women who participate?


Isn’t there a forum or lounge for women?


Women probably think they have better things to do than stare at a computer.


There used to be. But I think it’s gone with the new site. I know women read the posts, but they don’t comment very often.


The few female posters (foreign and Taiwanese) we do have always have interesting things to say, so it would be great if there were more of them. Nothing wrong with a sausage fest I suppose, but this site sure could use a woman’s touch.