Who are the smartest Forumosans?

Who are the smartest people on Forumosa?

Well you’ll have your chance to find out this coming Thursday at the Animals Taiwan Quiz and Curry night at Chocolate and Love.

Sadly, I won’t be in the running, as I’m writing the questions. But I have a lot of faith in my old Game Club team of Iris, Rascal and ImaniOU. We one the Irish Football team’s quiz. If they can get stand-in for me, they may be undefeatable.

But what about this team that won the (Forumosa Happy Hour) Tavern Quiz? What were they called? B53s? Who was that? Have you got what it takes to win again? I’m calling that win a fluke.

This quiz will be longer than the Tavern one, and not quite so difficult. There’ll be 50 questions in 5 rounds. One round will be entirely music (music from the 60s, 70s, 80s 90s and 00s, with one quesiton each from the UK, Scandinavia, Europe, Russia, Asia, Taiwan, Australasia, South America, USA and Canada). Each other round will have a video question, a drawing question (you have to draw the answer), a question about animals, a sports question and other questions drawn from history, science, geography, literature, culture, pop culture etc.

It’s gonna be a good quiz.

If you need someone to join your team (Iris, Rascal and ImaniOU must need someone) or you want to find a team to join, use this thread. Register your team here. Think of a snappy name (what was your team going to be called, Frost?) Issue your challenges here.




Yes, I’ve heard that you are indeed a SadoMasochistic RAT.:astonished:

Brian, as quizmaster will you be abstaining from the amber fluid? :slight_smile:

Yah, right :unamused:

I’m not the quizmaster though. Stray Dog will be doing the honours. I’m just writing the questions and I’ll be running the power point and marking the answers.


[quote=“Bu Lai En”]Who are the smartest people on Forumosa?

But what about this team that won the (Forumosa Happy Hour) Tavern Quiz? What were they called? B53s? Who was that? Have you got what it takes to win again? I’m calling that win a fluke.[/quote]

:fume: That was no fluke. No good, dishonourable, dirty, lying, internet cell-phone-using cheaters! (I heard they had a good laugh at everyone after that night – apparently “B53” was the model name of the browser-enabled phone they were using to get the answers.)

Is it true, Bu Lai En, that you are going to have one of those “dead zone” cell-phone reception blocking devices set up on the bar to dampen the room? If not, cell phones certainly need to be confiscated at the door. I’ll volunteer to collect them, and would only ask that I be allowed to keep the one that I like best at the end of the contest as compensation for my assistance.

( Hobbes is still feeling some sour grapes at losing the Tavern trivia contest. But let’s be honest here: in addition to the cell phones, there were some shady things going on at that contest. I wrote down “Rascal” as the answer to 3 of the 10 questions (including one which asked for a city) – Now are you really going to tell me that NONE of those answers was “Rascal”? I don’t think so… :snooty: )

I heared rumours that the “B 53s” can be found at the Green Bar in Tienmu for their training sessions. Together with the B52s they are a bunch of expat footballers who devoted themselfes to compete in bars and on the pitch - not always as successfully as in the Tavern though

You mean a week from today, I suppose? What time?

Where is this “Chocolate and Love” place?

How many people on a team?

(Since I’m a bit slow.)

I think Screaming Jesus is the smartest Forumosan. (I’m too modest to vote for myself.)

I don’t have that modesty problem. I vote for Richardm.

Me too. Richardm all the way. Richardm also gets my vote for Funniest Poster, and Loveliest Singing Voice.

Yellow Cartman looks like he is campaigning to get the award for “Poster Least Likely to Have a Modesty Problem” – but unfortunately I don’t think he has a realistic shot at that one. He’s far too modest. But if YC gets with the progam and starts wearing his Stetson and signature aqua-marine cowboy boots again, I will consider voting for him for “Best Dresser.”

Yellow Cartman puts up his heels at a recent Forumosa Happy Hour

I am the smartest Forumosan because I learn so much on Forumosa.com.

Everyday. Five times a day.

[quote=“914”]I am the smartest Forumosan because I learn so much on Forumosa.com.

Everyday. Five times a day.[/quote]Not so smart if you can’t come up with your quote instead of copying Oasis-girl.

I’m afraid the Game Club team has found a fourth member in daasgrrl, but we’re up for the competition of other teams representin’ the 'Mosa.

Bring it on :smiling_imp:

for a good cause. :scooby:

Screaming Jesus - yes, a week from today (unless you’re reading this tomorrow, in which case it will be a week from yesterday :wink: ) - 4 to a team. Details here:

Animals Taiwan Quiz and Curry night at Chocolate and Love.

We’re going to be pretty strict about numbers to a team, cellphone use etc.

Oh yeah, I realise I mistakenly said I wrote the questions. Actually me, Stray Dog, 914, Smerf and eric wrote them. I’m just compiling them and putting them in powerpoint. I’m fully responsible for the music round though, so you’re in for a treat :wink:

So RichardM’s the smartest huh? Whose team is he in?

I’d love to here from these B53s. B53s vs Team Game Club vs RichardM. My money’s on Team Game Club.


Maybe Team Game Club should dress like chess pieces or characters from Clue… Iris, Rascal, daasgrrl…you all up for that?

Wow. Betting against Richardm. That’s a dangerous business that is.

You know how some superheroes get increased powers when they get angry? … well… let’s just say the other teams better hope Richardm isn’t reading this. I’ve heard tales of him answering trivia questions before they are even asked when he gets really mad.

Richardm, a.k.a. Trivia Man

Running a starship involves a lot more than answering a lot of fool questions. Come on! Ask me anything. We’re in orbit around Gamma Hydra Four.

Gamma Hydra Two.

Anyway it doesn’t matter.

:blush: Sigh, I know it’s def. not me but i might qualify for the funniest, cutest, stupidest and… craziest…

who is the smartest in which category?? In different forums?? Overall, I would have to give it to …

drum rolls…

Oh crap…the geekometer just went off. Sorry about that, folks.

The smartest forumosans are those that agree with you. Difficult to pick objectively. Cranky Laowai, Mucha Man and Feiren rock for cultural stuff.

RichardM is funny but it’s obvious that he is trying to live up to his reputation as a quirky, funny guy. Humorous stuff, insightful but you can sense he has spent a certain amount of time thinking about his posts. For funny off the cuff stuff Sandman has no peer.

A more intersting category would be “Forumosan you would most like to get on the piss with”.