Who experienced this kind of situation...?

We went to gyneco this morning, decided for a copper IUD. It’s very safe, there is no hormone and failure rate is lower than condom.

My thread is in TEMP because a moderator thought it was a scam…But I think these contraception issues are importants.

I feel lot of people are over worrying about contraception issues and I’m not fond of hormonal methods, they have wide and dangerous possible side effects. But the copper IUD is very safe (and hormon free), I’ve read plenty of articles about it. Actually I care about her health because I’m kinda seriously loving her. But I also care about contraception as I’m still young.

You can have a look there at Copper IUD (Intrauterine Device) : youngwomenshealth.org/2009/11/03 … aceptives/

Copper IUD are among the most effective contraception method, better than condom !

The thing with the side effects of the pill is that they are generally reversible and not dangerous unless you get thrombosis. Ectopic pregnancies are damaging. The body also creates its owns hormones and also disrupts natural hormones to deal with the uterine lining. It will probably be fine though.

It’s important young women use their brains to figure out which risks will impact them the least. People sell these drugs and devices by preying on young women’s fear of conception or of losing their man.

There are no male contraceptives because the amount of men who could be convinced to insert a piece of metal into their reproductive systems to enhance their partner’s experience is minimal. :cactus:

You probably got temped because you’re a guy and French(?) your tone is not quite right because of your English.

@folamour, you say you love her, but you think it’s good to stick that horrid looking IUD inside her? The possibility of perforations doesn’t bother you? Increased menstrual pain doesn’t bother you? 11% chance of it coming out during menstrual period doesn’t bother you? What if she develops copper sensitivity? That doesn’t bother you either? Yea, it looks like you’ve thought this through kid.

Guys, they are both going, they are both deciding upon this because they agree they want an enhanced experience. If anything goes wrong, whether side effects or stork gift, well, they have managed so far to have comprehensive dialogue and solve issues together, I trust they can both find a way. It is not as I thought at the beginning -at least from what he has stated- and I think they are using a rational approach and can face the issues together.

Again, not al IUDs are bad, many advances have been made, not everyone with an IUD has ectopic pregnancy or excessive bleeding/painful cramps. IUDs are not thalomyde, but neither are they baguette bread. They are not a magic bullet. However,I have had friends with horrible headaches due to the pill, and a couple had enhanced bleeding, plus the hormones made them grow tumors faster. As said, there is no one size fits all, 100 % safe contraceptive. All will have some side effects, you have to find which one works for you.

Heck, I had a classmate at college that was allergic to latex. Another one was worse: allergic to her husband’s sperm. How’s that for unlucky?

If you just use the pull out method you both win. She can have you without you wearing a condom and you won’t get her pregnant. I’ve been practicing it for a while and have never had any problems.

You mean this?
Too early to reach a conclusion doing it “for a while”? :ponder:

Different people have different levels of fertility (alone and as a combination) and I know several couples who’ve gotten pregnant using the pull out method. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Coitus interruptus does not work well, unless you want to become a father. And, in that case, why pull out?

What STD’s do not show up on tests?

Right, you have to combine it with the rhythm method.


[quote=“Mr He”]

What STD’s do not show up on tests?[/quote]

Early pregnancy.

A lot of Catholic countries use the pull out method. And look at the number of births in those countries? :slight_smile:

Lack of access of birth control methods is the mark of poor countries. When people use contraceptives, families are smaller, wealth more likely to be passed on from one generation to another and accumulates. People who use contraceptives tend to be better educated and on the upper earning scales. Denying access to contraceptives and demonizing sex education perpetuates the poverty cycle in poor countries.

There is a very interesting project where people support girls in poor countries so they can finish their studies. If they can reach beyond 12 years of age without getting pregnant/being married off, the effects on society as wealth multipliers are immensely beneficial. The whole country’s economy jumps forward. Which is why they are shooting schools in certain places. They want people to stay poor and under their foot.

This is why I get so upset with the US evangelical missionaries inundating media in Latin America and lining politicians pockets to install their anti reproductive choice politics. It is a death sentence in poor countries yet they think they are saving souls this way, while actually condemning people to a living hell. They seem naïve but are actually malignant tools of destruction. Such are the politics of reproduction.

On a less serious note: what do you call men who use the rhythm method? Fathers.

Isn’t that about the most unreliable method of contraception there is?

If done correctly it’s actually about the same as condoms. It has a bad reputation because of the half-assed version promoted by the Catholic church.

If done correctly it’s actually about the same as condoms. It has a bad reputation because of the half-assed version promoted by the Catholic church.[/quote]

Wasn’t there a study that engaging in such a practice increased the chances of heart attacks in guys, however? Last thing you want is the guy keeling over while on top, you know…

I do remember though, reading something about some Chinese meditation practice of delaying the climax to increase pleasure, though, as supreme mind control. Seems quite a challenge.

No. Withdrawl is among the worse method : studies have found withdrawl method actual failure rates is 15–28% per year. In comparison, the pill has an actual use failure rate of 2–8%, while the IUD has an actual use failure rate of 0.8%. The condom has an actual use failure rate of 10–18%. A more recent study had 27 healthy guys, some of whom gave multiple samples of pre-cum. The researchers analyzed the samples immediately and found that about a third contained live, swimming sperm. Therefor even with withdrawing method there is a risk of pregnancy.

To get back on my topic track, since she has IUD she says to have no abnormal feeling (doesn’t even feel it) even when swimming or doing sport. As for us (after almost a week), it’s a game changer as the whole process goes on more naturally and with less pressure (ie. no need to stay over vigilant, always think of condom, interrupt foreplay to put it on and worry if it has break or not).

Actually I think she’s a keeper, one of the most genuine, honest, girl I’ve ever met.

And by the way: 新年快樂 !! Happy new year everyone !!!

And you, sir, are a smart man who attracts someone good, knows that someone is good, and plans on keeping that person. Best wishes on the coming year for both of you. Feliz Año Nuevo!

Call me old-fashioned, but people used to get together because they felt each other were worth of having a family. Nowadays that’s less common, but…

Besides, in the words of Dr. Gregory House, babies are but a form of STD, specifically, parasites: “Don’t worry. Many women learn to embrace this parasite. They name it, dress it up in tiny clothes, arrange playdates with other parasites.”

Call me old-fashioned, but people used to get together because they felt each other were worth of having a family. Nowadays that’s less common, but…[/quote]

The good old days when only 1 spouse working 25-30 hours a week could own a home a car and send their kids to good schools. Now its torture, which has consequences such as hedonism.

Yes this is universal in every place some girls will try to snare guys through pregnancy for all sorts of reasons. One might be that she wants to show off a western husband, or if the guy is wealthy the reason is obvious.

This probably has no bearing on your situation, but I was just wondering…if she was a virgin when you met, why did she need to take an STD test? I was also surprised to hear you say how great she is in bed, despite being a virgin beforehand. I don’t know…just my thoughts as I was reading.