Who is Christian?


Not saying it does or doesn’t!


Are you nuts?
Of course they’re measurable.

I think you’re confusing order with predictability.


Oh good. TG’s brought up his imaginary friend Eddie again…



Go ahead and try it :slight_smile:


but we cannot construct a theology from a nature.


Some do think so!


Yes, I was about to bring up chaos theory. And things like butterfly effect.

We used to think weather is unpredictable and chaotic but we have some pretty decent simulation models that can predict weather.


But the important level here is us. If I’m walking down the nice paved street and the pavement bursts open under me and I’m incinerated by a blast of molten lava, is that orderly?


I think nothing of the event is contradicting with physics.


Sure it is.
Every single time that lava in that spot exceeds a certain level of pressure, it will burst through the earth’s crust and incinerate anyone who’s standing there.

That’s order.


Sure, physics is precisely intended to describe the actual conditions of nature. But we’re talking about “order”.


Why is it not orderly? It followed nature’s laws and reaction to each action. It didn’t just spontaneously happen.


It’s not orderly to us. Does God care about us or the lava?


I’m leaning to nature has order, but how the order or disorder of nature and trinity are related?


Citation please.


Many scientists would disagree. Christians and Muslims scientists consider philosophy and branches of it to be science. Newton called his book Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica to explain laws of motion and such. They believed truth can be known and to know truth is to understand god.


We were not talking about the trinity. You asked if we can know god in other ways. I said in nature.


I intended talking on theology, and thought trinity were an important part of it.

Then, how you can know trinity is the truth?


Ravi Zacharias is one of the contemporary apologists I like to refer to.



Because Christians believe truth can be known from scripture.

The doctrine of the trinity is what is consistent in scripture.

Trinity is about the nature and divinity of god. Which is something theologians would want to understand.