Who is going to Computex this week?

Who is going to Computex this week?

I’ll be there (working unfortunately) on either the morning or afternoon every day this week.

Lookout for a white guy in red :wink:


I have been doing translations for the organizers, so I am aware that it’s happening, but I won’t go to the event.


“Hello, I am El Homo, how can I help you?”

What is your field of expertise?


Don’t want to make it too obvious what company I work at, but we make very high-end flash and DRAM.


Computex opening? What happened to the only residents and citizens allowed in?

Don’t know anything about this but I have an exhibitor pass.

I thought a lot of foreigners coming is what makes computex a success

How are the foreigners coming with the two week quarantine and the only residents and citizens allowed rule

Has that been dropped ?

5000 overseas visitors

Tommy and his 14 day quarantine


Serious question though any changes to the quarantine rules ? You mean visitors are doing a 14 day quarantine just to go to this thing ? And they are allowing foreign visitors ?

I’m not going

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It’s 7 days.

7 days. Business visitors are allowed.

Good to know
Do they have to be vaccinated prior and take PCR test prior ?

I’m pretty sure all travelers must. They also have 14 days of quarantine. 7 in isolation and 7 self monitoring. So the whole event will cost an additional 2 weeks


If anyone is here and wants to chat, PM me :slight_smile:

Hardly anyone here this year. Bit bored

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I will go tomorrow. Was going to go today. Are there many people there?

Computex is going to be a bust without foreign visitors


Not many people at all today.

I’ll be there from 1PM tomorrow. Find me :slight_smile:

I met @Marco today, or at least someone pretending to be him


Computex is just 大拜拜 for Taiwanese and hasnt been that important for years, or so I have been told.

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So, that’s like, totally worth it then, yeah man.

Where will you be. What company? Or can PM

PMd you