Who is this "Dr" Hedy Lee?



Quite easy if it’s the same woman you’re always tagged with in pictures.


Her Facebook says she joined in July 2017. She must have old or other accounts.


Maybe she doesn’t know how to internet. My mom opens a new Facebook account every time she changes phones.

I’m really curious why she contacted the someone here in the first place. It seems like she’s interacted with two people who are on this thread via FB, and someone said she or someone claiming to be her was posting on another thread. Could she be researching for a book on the garbage foreigners of Taiwan? Or maybe someone is falsely using her name to troll people to provoke a reaction.


Do you have time to file complaint after complaint against everyone and everyone including your own family and seeing that through to the point of turning up in court, and then on your way back from court get into another back and forth with someone else?

No? Me either. IMO she got too much time on her hands and should find a new hobby. Baking cakes I hear is popular with people who get to share your creations.


Im not saying in Dr Lees case because I don’t know her but I assume if one has a lot of money without needing to work, getting into arguments and court cases frivously would help fill up empty time.

There was a case in Canada where a woman sued everyone, even if you looked at her funny. (yes I’m exaggerating) Eventually the court Banned her from filing any more lawsuits and slapped her with big court and 3rd party costs to teach her a lesson.


How can she, or anyone, find people from here? Unless they use real name somewhere here?


In her defence she could be trying to highlight Taiwan’s ridiculous public insult laws. Or, she could be mad as a box of frogs.


Some do, or a username similar enough to be traceable, but not yourself or, presumably, @Toe_Save . That’s why I’m curious how she came to friend @Toe_Save. It was probably unconnected to this forum. There are plenty of other places foreigners talk about Taiwan. Still, human flesh search engine. Word gets around.


unless she has some real hacking skills, it’s probably from a taiwanese-related fb group, followed mostly by expats, in which toe_save made a comment to her dislike. correct me if i’m wrong.


i agree but i also wish she could get some karma some how. she goes around saying things like ‘i am of elite birth’. she deserves the worst.


i agree. but mick is right, who wants to deal with all the legal shit when push comes to shove? bullies seem to rule the world nowadays.
i think what any of us can do, is to expose her hypocritical act, her double-standards and her plain screwed up thoughts. talking (bigly) about the importance of etiquette, morals and standards and in all of her actions she just lacks that. one can just hope after being in the us, then china, now taiwan, she will find another target audience. hopefully somewhere far far away from any audience. i heard in the antarctic there are still penguins behaving quite rudely, just pushing and shoving against each other regardless of gender or eliteness!!maybe she can them teach some manners.