Who Relaxed the Pilot Quarantine?

Who was the policymaker who gave the go ahead on the 5 day and 3 day pilot quarantine? And why has there been no backlash for this policy change?

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Great question.
There has only been some minor backlash so far…Something about one legislator pushing it ‘Fan Yun’. It’s a huge scandal that goes far beyond one legislator.

Couple of things.

Taiwan doesn’t seem to do retrospective inquiries/tribunals unless it’s the opposition trying to jail the ex President etc.

Also, as seen in other covid pandemic hit countries, the public are so worried and shell shocked dealing with stuff that they tend to give the government a pass on the shitty decisions and it tends to be the same government in charge (see Boris Johnston as a classic example ) .

But yeah to get to your point I want to know which ministers approved this shambles and why.


Radio silence from China Airlines in this regard, never mind a stated desire for a public inquiry.

Have you heard an apology from CAL? A sincere expression of regret for bringing the entire nation down?

Neither have I.



When this is brought up on local discussion boards and social media, the legislator that Brian mentioned is generally stated as being the person who is behind this by calling a closed-door meeting and forcing the CECC to reverse (or alter) policy. Of course, it doesn’t make much sense that an unelected (I believe) sociologist would have so much power they could make a decision to override…everybody (?) else and enact a policy that, on it’s face, is illogical.

You will see comments that it’s China Airlines fault for…following the policy as written.


Precisely, what did they do wrong?


Pilots and flight attendants breaking the rules (going out to bars when they were not supposed to); mismanaging Novotel leading to this debacle; drawing the ire of Minister Chen . . .

Shall I go on?



Feel free to go on until you get to something that either answers the question or makes sense.

CAL caused Novotel to run a quarantine hotel with more holes in it than swiss cheese?

How was CAL responsible for the behavior of its employees once they were done with the quarantine that CECC required?

Buck stops at the top. CECC sets the rules for quarantine and enforces them. If it bowed to pressure from special interests, that’s on the CECC.


There has been major blacklash…

I don’t think she had the power, but it seemed she was strongly pushing for it.

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Why was she lobbying for this ?
Connected to major private shareholders of CAL?
Who are the major shareholders besides the government ?

She seems a scapegoat.
It’s up the CECC and the government to decide these things.

Yeah, except when they didn’t.

Think about the focus on TRA after their latest debacles.

CAL deserves similar scrutiny for the ways it has mismanaged the situation (NOT “following policy”).


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Fan Yun said she received Taoyuan City pilots union career at the end of February petition , since the union said on January 1 home quarantine policy from the “11 + 3” (started in 2020, maintaining approximately 9 months) adjustment After “5+9”, long-haul flight crews have been in the cycle of quarantine , duty, and quarantine for a long time , and they have fallen into insomnia , mental stress and other physical and mental disorders, which may affect aviation safety . That’s why she invited the Ministry of Health and Welfare , the Ministry of Transportation and other relevant ministries to coordinate, so that the administrative departments can adjust their policies according to their profession and powers. She also stated that on March 30 of the same year, the Civil Aviation Administration proposed to the command center to exempt group members from home quarantine [48] [49] .

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Do you have evidence that CAL employees did not follow a three-day quarantine? If so, that’s a huge fine.

Should they have nobly stood up and said, ‘yes, though the policy is three-days, we are going to be the only company in the industry who mandates 14-days for our people’?

‘Scrutiny’ is fair but, you do realize that Novatel is a private company? You do realize that if a person commits a crime on their private time, the company isn’t responsible unless you believe that employers should have tracking devices on all staff.

That leaves you with apologize for, how did you say it?

So multiple ministries and the CECC approved this .
No wonder they want to shift the blame .

So the solution was three day quarantine.


I don’t think she’s being a scapegoat. In a recording she said she strongly urges…

She even had the audacity to appear on TV a few days ago…

It was actually the perfect setup to get pilots and FAs vaxxed.

Tell them they can keep with the long quarantine, or get vaxxed and 2 weeks after they’ve received the second jab, they’d be able to come in with a very short quarantine or even no quarantine.


After all that flying I’m sure I would want to catch on some sleep!

It’s not like it’s 14 days vs 3 days.

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EVA Airlines did not seem to have that problem. It seemed their pilots had a better vaccination rate…and were better behaved.

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Yeah EVA seems better even from a passenger experience but the other thing I’d point out is that we don’t know how many violations of quarantine and self health monitoring there were because it’s entirely possible not all of them were discovered.