Whoa! Epstein is dead...in his cell...The Conspiracy Free For All Thread

Did Trump ever clearly stated:“I’ve never had sex with underage girls provided by Epstein & friends on his rape island” ? No?
Really makes you think…


Right, and if you THINK about what it makes you think…then…YAHTZEE!

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Things are def getting weird. I used to tease people who couldn’t stop talking about Vince Foster and the shenanigans the Clintons got up to in Arkansas.

But I gotta say that a pattern is a pattern, and this is becoming a pattern with political opponents of the Clintons.

Of course on paper Trump has better access to Epstein’s suicide watch, but there are some very fishy things going on among the CIA, the FBI, and the Clintons. And Trump has already been dragged through the press as an out and out rapist, so shrugs are more likely than the arranged murder of an acquaintance on suicide watch imo.

Shit’s gettin real.

Ever seen Trump kill a cheeseburger?

He totally could have done it.

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Oh he’s got “murderer” written all over him, no doubt. Just ask the Guardian, they’ll probably be glad to chip in on promoting that story.

Funny though… If the MSM reported that he did say that, many here would ignore it

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I do not accept any talk of MSM in this conspiracy thread. The MSM conspiracy thread is in your head. :runaway:

Could actually be suicide if he knew that those who he had dirt on him could do much worse. Or jsut that he was not going to get through this either way so can at least do it on his own watch. In either case, interesting :thinking: Gonna go see how much fun /pol/ is having with this news.

Just imagine how more many people Clinton could have killed if she was given the office that she rightfully won with the popular vote

It isn’t am island. It’s actually a pensula

There’s a sticky thread, you’re missing out!!!

Bill killed a 100,00 or more Iraqis. She had to top that.


Check please.

btw, what rightfully won the popular vote thing are you talking about? So. Hello Electoral College.

I don’t know how they do things in Canada, but the US President is not elected based on the results of the popular vote.

If he were, then Trump would have gone out and won the popular vote like Clinton. Trump wanted to win office, however.

Do Canadians habitually reward second-place with the championship medal? Is this like a pronoun thing with youse?


Could be worse https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/aug/04/mass-shootings-el-paso-texas-dayton-ohio

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heh heh…like a penis…I get it. I wonder if Epstein thought that was funny too.

I don’t think HIllary would be so brazen to gun people down in public. She can barely walk down stairs.

All right, what the Democrats need to do here is to get one of their news orgs to do a multi-story “investigation” piece on the Clinton piece that ends up leading the reader to a decision favoring the DNC and the Clintons.

I nominate the Boston Globe. They did a bang up job with Pocahontas (it’ll all come apart if she gets the nomination, but I digress). They could do the same for the Clintons !

VICE ?!? :crazy_face:

You’re cute, I gotta say.

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I can’t believe I thought about voting Hilary Clinton. Something is definitely up. It’s too much of a coincidence.