Who's been in the military

It seems that recently I’ve met (or heard about) quite a few foreigners living in taiwan that have had military experience in their home countries.

who has been in the military and what branch and what years were you in?

U.S. Army, 1976-1984

U.S. Navy 1999-2003

Royal Air Force. Protecting our lads from US attack. 1996-1999.

USAF 83-88. Kicking British Butt.

ok I can come out of the closet now

USMC 89-95

kissing ass and taking names

Buying Harriers from the RAF and crashing them all! :astonished: :loco:

US Navy Seabees and then the Army Reserve (1990-1998). Can do.

US Army, Military Intelligence, 1991-1997

Yes, I know it’s an oxymoron. I preferred the term Chairborne Ranger.

I am not at liberty to divulge any information pertaining to that part of my life. :noway:

Tried…never got past the recruiting sergeant, US Marines. :blush:

Cub Scouts, Pack 556… 1969

I have so many physical problems that the military would not accept me. I tried after college, knowing that I would not be accepted.

I was born on Lackland AFB in San Antonio. I know, that doesn’t count for anything.

German Airforce, 15 months national service - but never came even close to a plane.

USMC, 1971-1975 (youthful indiscretion)
USN, 1981-1985 (slow learner)


Why unlikely?
I’m tired of everyone questioning everyone’s military history!

I’ve seen Homeslice Mortal, and he is not nearly old enough to have joined the Navy in '99. Probably went to one of those Naval Prep. Academies and is trying to pass it off as active duty. If going to a military high school counts as “being in the military”, then so does the Boy Scouts.

I don’t know anything about the person in question but lots of people do lie about it.
Half the homeless people in san diego and florida claim to be ex navy seals or force recon. Every pock mark or scar on their body becomes a viet cong bayonet or gun shot wound.

US Army 1968-1979…and its true, Rangers do Lead the Way. 75th Inf. Arbrne. Assigned & attached to many others. It was a lovely time.

US 7th Cavalry 1874-1881.