Why are electronics in Taiwan so expensive?

For example Dell monitors:

Dell 27 - S2721DS
$13803 NTD (405 €)

Same monitor in the german dell shop:
199 € (with a current discount only 179 €)

That is a whopping 100% difference. How come and how can I find cheaper electronics? Is it only possible with taiwan local produced electronics? Does it more sense to buy those products on amazon.com and ship them to Taiwan?

Don’t even look at TV prices here then :joy:


I don’t know, maybe because too small of a market? I found electronics to be expensive in Germany.

GPU seems to be a 10% premium at Guanhua compared to Newegg though, but seems everything is a premium at Guanhua.

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I would think more likely because he is looking at Dells rather than local brands.

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I think 200 euros was about 10,000nt way back before the Greek tragedy…

This is a 4K Asus screen, about at the 200 euro mark.

2K Acer screen

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Exactly my point.

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Correct, it’s protectionism.

Same problem exists with cars. A Tesla Model Y here costs the same as a Model X in America.

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You don’t have to buy from the Dell website though.

Alright, so buy local brands, if not possible, do not only check the manufacturer’s shop. Thanks!

Besides screens are made by a small number of manufacturers, and everything else is just rebranded stuff. At that point all that would matter is after sale support and warranty.

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That’s just not true. The panel might be the same but the rest of it is not. There’s more post processing happening in TVs than you might imagine.

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Because International companies order the newest and greatest with their huge markets instead of like eight stores in Taiwan selling 20 items instead around the world a huge conglomerates can sell millions of same items.

And Taiwan doesn’t allow hundreds of other local producers to sneak stuff out and sell to the local market on the street you know because Taiwan complies with International rules and laws and regulations and agreements and that’s why Taiwan is so successful now.

If you want the most options and the latest and greatest and also cheaper than buying in Taiwan then shop outside of taiwan.

Another factor is that FCC is cheaper than NCC (Taiwan version of FCC).
For comparisons sake, FCC certification of a product costs around $1,200, while NCC costs around 100,000 NTD. All that is per sku.

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I bought a 65 inch for around NT$13K new from Coscto.

That’s more that these OEM companies realise the way to keep your mega clients long term is to protect their IP…I’m guessing.

Dell are always overpriced here in Taiwan, go with local brands and they are relatively reasonable. Not great but ok.

Monitors? Acer and Asus are both top of class.


Must be an older model then. I remember looking at Costco as well while purchasing mine and the price was usually 2x that on the Amazon US page.

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The big retailers like Carrefour do clearance sales pretty regularly too. For TVs a big part of the price is if they come with native Android (Google license), things like that.

You can still buy them for around that price. This one 55 inch though $13,880

Might get one for my office.