Why are Taiwan's faults always covered up by expats and the press?

Just popped in to say that all three of these supposedly secret things are huge issues with my students. For their speech class they had to come up with an important issue to discuss about Taiwan, and all three of the above topics have been chosen… with the water shortage and declining birth rate issues actually chosen by multiple students. No prompting from me. I didn’t tell them to choose from any pre-selected topics. It seems like these are topical issues they’re aware about from the news or social media and already concerned about. And I highly doubt international news agencies are engaged in a cover-up of major problems in Taiwan. Most are in bed with China. The only cover-up that some are engaged in, such as the BBC, is about Taiwan itself!


Except for “tech” stories :wink:


About a year ago, Taiwanese passengers were given an expedited line at Narita airport.
台湾民众在日本受到礼遇,羽田机场走特别通道 - YouTube

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‘Foreign press’ is largely dominated by US/western media who control the global narrative. Their agenda is to malign China in any way possible while promoting virtues of ‘democratic’ Taiwan.

The downside of such propaganda is complacency, if not arrogance, that TW is prosperous and free, hence so much better than conditions across the strait, which couldnt furthest from the truth when considering the dangers faced by people daily due to corruption, incompetence, and negligence.

China is currently maligning the hell out of themselves pretty much on a daily basis. It needs no help with that!


Yes, many Taiwanese are indeed complacent because they are more prosperous and freer than those across the Straits.
Yep- the people I meet daily are threatened by corruption, incompetence and negligence. Unlike those living under the CCP, noted for its incorruptibility, competence, and warm-hearted concern for its people. Why, they’re so concerned they follow them wherever they go, and protect them from being exposed to the evils of the Internet.

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You missed a comma.


Hahaha your delusions are so intense it’s funny now.

Ha ha ha. .
I went from hating it to loving it.
I can’t share with you my baptism by fire now but maybe in the future.
You need 20 years, marrying into a hillbilly family and having quite few children…
PS… Things need to be worked on but, handle it quietly with your necessary organizations. The Taiwan people have big hearts. But don’t put down local traditions without participating and seeing thier significance. They don’t like that
Examine the chaotic rules for its value and don’t be so quick to throw out practices that don’t hurt anyone.
Anyway… Taiwan is better than most places.
Namewee sees it.
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Taiwan is in the news again.

the news looks like a good news. Is it to support OP’s claim?